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How Did Journaling Everyday Change My Life

Journaling. When we hear this word we often start thinking about those daily diary entries that we used to write in our school's English exam—beginning with "Dear Diary..." and then explaining all the events that happened during the day and our reactions to them. But is that it?

I used to think like that too until I read The Secret and The Magic by Rhonda Byrne and was introduced to gratitude journaling. I began the journey of filling journals after journals with gratitude journaling and never looked back. I don't think I can recognise the person who I was six to seven years ago. That's how much I have changed over the past half a decade.

You may read about how gratitude journaling changed my life here. Let's now look at some of the other journaling practices that I currently follow besides gratitude journaling. I'm telling you, there are endless journal practices and all you need is a notebook and a pen!

I have never missed a day without writing 'the things I'm grateful for' that is, gratitude journaling since July 2015. I'm on my 14th gratitude journaling right now and it too will fill up tomorrow. So, I'm starting my 15th gratitude journal this 22nd!

Other than gratitude journaling, I do bullet journaling, self-discovery prompts journaling, QnA a day journaling, morning pages, manifestation journaling, future-self journaling, art journaling, writing poems (most cathartic), letters to God journaling, list journaling, and a few others that I don't use daily or on a regular basis. Some of the ones I mentioned here are used every single day while others I use regularly. Each kind of journaling helped me in a different way.
When Life Gives You Lemons Spiral Notebook

I'm listing below the ways in which I've changed for the better because of journaling.

  1. Self Awareness: there's not a day when journaling doesn't help me study myself. Knowing oneself is such an important step in life. You can't deal well with the world unless you know your weaknesses and strengths.
  2. Gratitude Journaling, undoubtedly, made me more thankful and appreciate life more.
  3. Journaling made me more organised and productive.
  4. The day I started journaling, I discovered my creative side and never looked back.
  5. I have morning and night journaling routines and knowing that I have to get them done, no matter what, helped me develop self-discipline.
  6. I have a problem expressing myself verbally, and hence, journaling has been my best companion that provides an outlet to my emotions. It's the most cathartic.
  7. Journaling helped me understand and calm down my anxiety. Every time I am feeling anxious, I know where to turn to.
  8. The chaos that my thoughts create in my mind finds an organised, understandable shape on the pages of my journal. Hence, it helps me organise my thoughts.
  9. Flipping through the old journals helps me realise how much I have changed over the years and look at my progress.
  10. Journaling turned me into a poet and an author.
  11. Above all, journaling took me a lot closer to God through the process of writing letters and poems to God.

Journaling is now an inseparable part of my life. Journaling is my need now, just like food or water. 

Do you journal too? If yes, how did it help you in your life?

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