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Reviewing Indian Brush Pens

I have always been kind of obsessed with Brush lettering since quite a few years. I love how the brush letters look like. I love how beautifully people use them on Instagram.

I tried 3 Indian brands of brush pens over these years. So, I have written a short review of them here. I have still not perfected the art but I am gradually learning.

Moreover, if you haven't done brush lettering before, don't go for Tombow or any other expensive brands yet because you might ruin the nibs in first few strokes (I definitely did when I first used Brustro brush pens). But as you practice, you only get better and better at it. There are hundreds of tutorials for beginners on YouTube.

Anyway, let's take a look at our own Indian brush pens that are affordable and work amazing well.

The brush pens listed below are in the order of my buying/using them.

  1. Add Gel Brush Pens
Add Gel Little Artist Brush Pens come with Twin tip, i.e. Broad tip and Fine tip. It comes in a pack of 12 colours. The pack says they are super soft nylon nibs but they are the least soft among all three that I'm reviewing in this post.
Add Gel brush pens are the first ones that I had bought after ruining my Brustro black brush pen and I didn't know how to do brush lettering at that time (I don't know it very well even now though). But as naive as I was regarding brush pens, I kept trying to letter with the broad tip. And yes, I failed.

But when I lettered with the fine tip, it lettered pretty well though it does make scratchy sounds at times, even on a smooth paper.

They are nice but I don't like them much. If you're a beginner, it's comparatively harder tip can allow you to have more control over your fine and broad strokes.

The one thing I love about them is their packaging. It a plastic box with a top flap cover and a button to close it. You can easily carry it with you like a small pencil case. It's packaging had tempted me to choose them over Camlin as my first brush pens.

You may get them from Amazon here: Add Gel Little Artist Brush Pens

  1. Camlin Brush Pens
Camlin Brush pens are by far my favourite besides Tombow Fudenosuke. They are the softest, smoothest, and give such a beautiful strokes. The image doesn't really have good calligraphy because I am still learning and need to practice a lot.

Credits: Amazon

I was roaming in the Itsy Bitsy store last year when I saw these. I tested its blue colour and just could not resist buying them. They were so smooth, and restored my interest in brush lettering.

These can be tough for beginners due to their ultra-smooth nib, but still, they are a must-buy. They aren't expensive and totally worth investing in.

They come in various packs. I had bought a pack of only six since I already had Add gel ones lying unused at home. They come in the following packs:

  1. Doms Brush Pens
Doms Brush Pens are as good as Camlin Brush pens. Their smoothness and softness is almost same aa Camlin's. They are a great buy at their price but I'd recommend you to check them out at your local stationery store rather than buying from Amazon.
I had got these in a giveaway. And the best part about these is that they come with a gold and a silver brush pens along with 12 other colours; each shade is such a beauty.

Again, their softness might make it tough for beginners to have control over their strokes.

If you know a little bit of brush lettering but not enough to invest in brands like Tombow or Karin, you can definitely go for Camlin or Doms Brush Pens. Add Gel brush pens are the best for beginners. There are Apsara brush pens too but I have never used them, so can't review. Hope this post helps.

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