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Affordable Bullet Journals In India

When this year started, I had read somewhere: "One extra day this year, what would you do with it?"And when I had chosen Saturday to make a weekly blog post, I had no idea that the leap day would fall on Saturday!

So, I thought of taking this day to talk about something that I'm using for the first time this year and that is a Bullet Journal.

Bullet Journal, as per Wikipedia, is a method of personal organization developed by designer Ryder Carroll. The system organizes scheduling, reminders, to-do lists, brainstorming, and other organizational tasks into a single notebook. The name 'Bullet Journal' comes from the use of abbreviated bullet points to log information, but it also partially comes from the use of dot journals, which are gridded using dots rather than lines.

I use my bullet journal more for tracking and self-reflection than planning. I have used planners and trackers in past years but none of them was dot grid notebooks. When last year I used Miniso's binder planner which required me to set up monthly spreads myself, I realised that I was ready to start using Bullet Journal this year but the problem was: "where to find a bullet journal in India?"

I looked up on Amazon and two brands appeared: Menorah and Matrikas. But when I look up for dot grid journals now, so many names come up on Amazon. I have chosen a few to list here which you may get at a price less than Rs. 400 (excluding delivery charges) easily. And for a companion that you keep yourself for a whole year and later in your used journals' stack forever, I find it a pretty amazing price, especially when you compared to the price of brands like Moleskine.

So, let's begin!

1. Menorah A5 Dot-Grid Journal

I am currently using Menorah's dot-grid A5 black journal, and I am so glad I ended up buying this one because I love it! It has everything I could ask for in a BuJo (Bullet Journal). If I have to buy a BuJo again, I would definitely choose this one only.
It wasn't my first choice, to be honest. I had ordered Matrikas BuJo after looking at the reviews but when it did not arrive even a few days after the estimated delivery time, I cancelled the order and ordered Menorah's journal from my wishlist. It arrived right on time, no ridiculous delivery charges, packed in a heartwarming box and I cannot shy away from saying that it was love at first sight.
Moreover, the person managing Menorah's Instagram page is too supportive and friendly. I shall write a full post review of Menorah's journals someday. For now, let's look at some common features that I've mentioned for each journal:

Price: Rs. 399
No. of Pages: 240
Binding: Hardbound (Black leatherette cover)
Paper: 90 gsm (offwhite, buttery smooth)
Size: A5 (21 cm X 13.5 cm)
Back pocket: Yes
Bookmarks: 2
Elastic band closure: Yes
Amazon: Yes
Prime: Yes

2. Matrikas Signature Elite Bullet Journal

I have not used any other BuJo than Menorah's, but the reviews on Amazon for Matrika's Elite and Marvel journal were pretty good. The reasons I had placed an order for Matrikas journal before Menorah's are: 1. It comes with stickers. 2. Its pages are numbered.
It also has other pre-designed pages too like index pages, books to read, places to visit, contacts, etc. It comes in many different colours and I don't understand why each colour is priced differently on Amazon.

Price: Rs. 275 to Rs. 320 (depends upon colour and series)
No. of Pages: 248
Binding: Hardbound (PU Cover)
Paper: 80 gsm
Size: A5
Back pocket: Yes
Bookmarks: 3
Elastic band closure: Yes
Amazon: Yes
Prime: No 

3. Papercoal Notebook Two

I found Papercoal on Instagram and then looked up on Amazon. These look nice and interesting but Amazon reviews were not satisfactory. It also looks smaller than the size mentioned, but if you like something that can easily fit in your hand and is still big enough to write comfortably, you may check it out. It is also available in many different colours.

Price: Rs. 395
No. of Pages: 160
Binding: Hardbound (Buckram cover)
Paper: 80 gsm
Size: 20cm x 13.5 cm
Back pocket: Yes
Bookmarks: 1
Elastic band closure: Yes
Amazon: Yes
Prime: Yes

4. Scholar's A5 Zafiro Notebook (Dot-Grid)

I have used Scholar's sketch pads but not their journals. Their quality is pretty amazing. I didn't know about Scholar's dot-grid journals until I searched on their site and found Zafiro notebook. I think it would make for a great BuJo if you're just a beginner and wish to keep your BuJo minimalist.

Price: Rs. 210
No. of Pages: 160
Binding: Hardbound (Leather finish)
Paper: 80 gsm
Size: A5 (14.8cm X 21cm)
Back pocket: No
Bookmarks: No
Elastic band closure: Yes
Amazon: I searched a lot but couldn't find it on Amazon

You may get it from their website here: Scholar's A5 Zafiro Notebook (Dot-Grid)

Mentioned below are some other dot-grid notebooks that do not have as many features as the ones mentioned above, but are still good enough for doodling, sketching etc. or if you like to keep monthly/quarterly Bullet Journals instead of yearly.

  1. MENORAH Wiro Bound, A5 Dot Grid, College Notebook
  2. MENORAH Bullet Dot Grid - A5 Brown Kraft Notebook 
  3. Factor Notes - Kraft 2-in-1 pack Dotted Bullet Grid A5 Notebook (I have used Factor Notes' ruled notebooks and I loved their paper quality)
  4. Scholar's A5 Quebec Notebook, Black - Dot-grid
  5. Nightingale's Neon Notebook Maroon - A5

I hope this post helps you in picking up the right Bullet Journal for yourself or for gifting your loved ones. If you have any queries, feel free to drop a DM on Instagram at @meetlife240


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