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The Journals That I Am Currently Using

Hello People! Wish you all a very happy new year. How is 2020 treating you so far? I hope really well. Since it's the first post of 2020, I thought of sharing my journals with you all—the journals that are currently in use, each for a specific purpose. Let's begin.

1. Morning Journals

I have been writing Morning pages since September 2018, but it was always on and off until I became regular with this practice from July 2019. I have not missed even a single day since then and I feel so proud of it. I had ordered this black spiral notebook from Amazon because it said 'Fatbook' and I love fat, thick notebooks so much! While the cover of this journal is worthless—more like the cover your stationery shop person puts on your projects when you get the spiral binding done—the pages are surprisingly thick and none of my pens bled through them. So, it works well for my morning pages habit and I love writing in it.
The other journal is Mickey Mouse (Oh Gosh!) diary from Doodle Collection. I use this journal for future-self journaling every morning. This practice indeed brings result after a week or two of doing this!
Note that my mornings often extend to afternoons.

2. Writing Journals

I use one five-subject (300 pages) spiral-bound notebook each year since 2018 to keep my write-ups, brain dumps, plans, random ideas and thoughts, and all that's important in one place. I love experimenting with different brands each year. For 2018, I used Luxor A5 ruled notebook; for 2019, I had Solo B5 grid journal, and this year, I am using one from Navneet HQ (white). I had got it years back from their official website but the site appears unavailable now. It's not worthy of getting from Amazon.

The marble print journal is one of my favourites and I had picked it up from Miniso. In this journal, I am writing and organising my next poetry book and hence, the post-it flags on the top. Its cover is made of PU leather and is gorgeous!

3. Bullet Journal

This is the first time I am using a bullet journal. For 2017 & 2018, I used Doodle Collection planners. They were un-dated and I loved them! In 2019, I used a Miniso planner that my brother had bought for me. He doesn't know what kind of journals I like but he loves gifting me stationery (lucky me? Yeah!). So, I decided to use his gifted planner last year. I don't know why but I have noticed that gifted stationery often turns out to be pretty lucky for me (one of the reasons why I get so excited when I receive pens and journals as gifts. I am not superstitious but isn't it better to know your lucky charms, huh?)

This year, I have decided to switch to bullet journaling because last year's planner gave me a good practice of setting up monthly layouts. I was so glad when I stumbled upon Menorah's Dotted Journal on Amazon! It's the perfect BuJo available in India at the best price. If you still think it's pricey, look at it as an investment because this journal is going to stay with you forever! I am not much a planner person but I definitely love tracking A LOT and tracking helps me a lot in becoming my better self. So yes, I use BuJo mostly for tracking and a wee bit of planning. I might make another post someday describing my way of bullet journaling.

4. Bedtime Journals

Besides updating my bullet journal, I sit down with my gratitude journal, QnA A Day journal, and faith journal before I go to sleep.
I have been using 5 years QnA a Day journal since 2018 and it's my third year with this journal. It's so much fun to answer a different question each day for 365 days and see ourselves grow over time as we look back on our previous years' responses.
The faith journal is a DOMS A5 journal that I had bought from stationery fair and I cannot find it online to link it here. I am such a huge fan of black journals! I get easily attracted to them. I use the faith journal for writing mini-letters to God each night before sleeping. I have mentioned more about it in my book Poetic Letters To God. Sometimes I write quotes about God too in this journal.
Gratitude journal that I am using is a Paperkraft spiral bound A6 journal. I write things that I'm grateful for in it every night and I have been gratitude journaling since June 2015. Believe me or not, if you want to change your life for the good, this is the best thing you can do.

5. Law of Attraction Journals

I am such a believer of the law of attraction (LOA). Whenever I learn something new about LOA from Youtube or any other website, I note it down in the smaller journal which is Nightingale's A6 notebook.
The marble print one was taken from Ximi Vogue and it's just too cute. I use it for random LOA practices, generally, scripting. To be honest, scripting doesn't work for me but I still cannot deny the joy of scribbling with pen on paper ;)

6. Blog Journal

Since one of my 2020 goals was to write and publish at least one blog post each week, I decided to keep a blog journal where I can keep all my blog post ideas and the first drafts. I'm a pen and paper person. I cannot create as well on screen as I do on paper. The joy of putting ink of paper, you know! Since this one, again, is a 5-subject notebook (Youva), I have kept a section of this journal for list journaling. Since the cover has too many colours, I do not like the cover but still, it's fun to write in.
I have also put Raindrops Publishers' "eat, sleep, read, repeat" sticker on it. That's all what I love besides writing.

7. Art Journal

When I'm not writing, I am sometimes sketching or colouring or painting. I love trying new things and I'm learning basics of watercoloring these days. I am using a Brustro A5 SketchBook for sketching and creating random art for fun. Sometimes I also use it to make notes from online courses I take :D That's the fun thing about journals; they are your space and you can mess with them the way you want to. No judgement-zone.

Other than these journals, I use a dated 2020 journal for daily self-discovery prompts which I talked about in my previous post. I use a hell lot of other journals but none has a specific purpose and they're all either A5 or A6 sizes which, I find, is the perfect size of journals. I could not collect them all for a picture because they were all scattered at different places. I need to organise my stationery. Also, I'm not good at photography :(

So, that's it. These are my main journals and I have no clue what I'm gonna do with them once they're filled. I have a huge stack of filled gratitude journals and I don't even want to discard them. Journals are too precious and private to be thrown away just like that.

*Amazon links mentioned in the post are affiliate links which means if you buy a product through the link, I'll get a small commission at no extra cost to you.


  1. Soo many journals, I am jealous :)

  2. I finally felt journals are imp after reading..thank u for the info...but truly all well planned & well organized..!


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