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Why I Love Working With The Prompts

Since my latest book is The Book of Infinite Writing Prompts, it is clear that I love working with the prompts a little too much.

But it's not just writing poems that I love using, I love journaling prompts, doodle prompts, art prompts, and everything that can be done using prompts.

I even have a free printable workbook of Letters to God prompts which you can download here. And a list of 30 self-discovery prompts which you can see here. My book of Infinite Writing Prompts is available both as a PDF and on Kindle (worldwide).

I always need something to kickstart writing when I am feeling inspired but stuck. You must be thinking how can one be inspired and still be stuck?

Well, there are times when I wish to just put pen on paper (inspired to write) but I get stuck on what to write, and hence the prompts come to my rescue.

I love how even just a one-word prompt, no matter how common or simple, has so much potential to create art that so many people end up loving and admiring. I have shared my most loved pieces written using the simplest prompts in my book of Infinite Writing Prompts.

It may sound weird to you but prompts provide me the freedom to express myself fully!

When I had started my Instagram writing page at the end of December 2015, I used to only write about my experience of being a writer or the joys of writing. I hardly wrote love poems and never shared them because my family was following my page and I was just starting the page with no certain aim.

Then, in February 2016, I joined February Writing Challenge by Artson Publishing House.

Since February is the month of love, they provided us a love writing prompt each day for 29 days. And not only did I write and share love poems based on those prompts, but I also won that challenge too, which led me to get my poems published in my first anthology of poems — Little Love Notes.

Prompts have played a huge role in my writing journey and all I can do to honor prompts is to tell other writers, especially the ones beginning their writing journey, about the importance and uses of writing prompts.

My first page-a-journal was entirely based on journal prompts. It helped me discover so much about myself.

I can never deny the fact that writing prompts have been my best tool for writing and I will speak of them over and over again the way I speak of journals and books and stationery.

Writing prompts already matter a lot to me and after writing the book of Infinite Writing Prompts, they matter even more.

Tell me, do you love writing prompts too?


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