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Why I Write Letters To God + Bonus Prompts and Workbook

First of all, Happy Poetry Day all the beautiful poets out there and everyone who loves reading poems. It's been a year today since the release of Poetic Letters To God! One of the best days of my life when we launched the cover and the pre-order links, the best is still when the book reached its destination (you may check it out here).
Anyway, I have been planning to post about why I write Letters To God ever since we launched my book Poetic Letters To God (a year ago, on this day) but damn, I procrastinate so much and my workbook wasn't ready yet. I promised myself to launch them on Poetry day, which also marks the first anniversary of Poetic Letters To God. And everything happens for a reason. I believe it's a better time to launch these, with all the CoronaVirus negativity and scares filling up our lives. I hope the prompts help you find some positivity.

So, coming back to why I write letters to God—it's because I can't open up to people the way I can open up to God. It might seem absurd to some of you that how can I feel assurance of something in God's silence that I cannot find in human's words and voices. God answers, my friend, He does. Here's the trick—we keep assuming that it was a coincidence to come out of something we were worried about; we forget that there's The One who watches over us when we are worried about something but do not share it with others.

You don't need letters or words to convey your heart's worries or desires to God. He listens to your feelings and emotions, and even the inner turmoil that even you can't understand yourself. By 'God', I do not refer to a specific God (whether I capitalise it or not) or religion. I believe that God is an energy that exists on the foundation of faith in our heart. We can call the energy God, Universe, Almighty, Creator, or any name you would like to give. All I know is, God does exist for me...since I have seen miracles, I've seen situations turn around in a blink just after I made a prayer about the same. God is all about believing.

Now, you would think about why I write letters to God when He can hear all my unsaid thoughts and feelings. Well, I write them to clear up my mind. When you're not clear about what you want, you won't get it. And writing is like therapy for me, to keep my mind free of clutter. When I write a letter to God, it makes me think about what is actually bothering me and if the thing I'm working about is truly worth the bother.

And other than writing about my wishes and worries, I frequently write 'thank-you' letters to God because gratitude is the best practice that you can cultivate. By thanking God for every good thing that happens to me, my heart feels the best; I feel humble because whenever I achieve a milestone present on the ladder of success, I handover the achievement to God, it's His grace after all. It's hard to climb that ladder, easiest to fall off it, and I need God's hand to hold me up on each step I reach and to climb higher.

If you believe in the law of attraction and manifestation, writing letters to God/Universe is a great tool to manifest your heart's desire. But it won't work until you place your faith in God/Universe and detach from the result of manifestation. Even I feel scared at times because putting your trust in the unseen is not easy but when your endless prayers have been answered, you love putting your trust in that Divine Power.

To know more about how I started writing letters to God and how Poetic Letters To God came into existence, you'll have to read the book. It has all the answers in its introduction.

I created these letters to God prompts and printable workbook because I felt, at least, one of you (if not more) would love to write letters to God but don't know what to talk to God about.

There are many reasons for why I wrote Poetic Letters To God and one of them was I wanted people to relate to the letters I wrote. Whether they like the rhymes and verses in it or not, I wanted them to find a missing piece of themselves in it and I think it served a purpose more than I had assigned it. Every time someone tells me how they feel connected to the words as if it's written for them, my heart dances in joy. We all go through the same emotions but we all keep them hidden; we need a place which we can run to when these emotions come to surface. I wish Poetic Letters To God to be that place for you.

And now, here are the prompts and the workbook where you can be yourself with God listening to your worries. I have made two files—one is a complete printable workbook which you can print out and fill up (there are some blank ruled pages at the end which you can place with the prompts that you think would require more space to write after printing), and the other one is the list of prompts (same as that in the workbook but in list format) which you can attempt in your journal or even on your phone, though handwriting is more effective and connects you to every word you write. It's your space, your way, just be yourself. I hope you find useful.

I have also attached some of my favourite quotes related to God at the end of each file. You may refer to them if you feel stuck.

Before you download the prompts, please read these points:-
  1. Please never discard your letters in the trash can/bin. You may burn them (safely) but never put them in the bin. They are sacred.
  2. You can keep the names and your worries hidden if you fear that someone might their hands on your letters and read them. Replace them with sentences like 'you know who I am talking about,' or 'you know what's bothering me right now,' because God already knows everything.
  3. You do not necessarily need to mention 'God', if you don't believe in God, you may address letters to the Universe, to the Creator, to the Almighty, to yourself, to when your higher self. The choice is entirely yours.
So, what are you waiting for? Download Letters To God Prompts or Workbook:

Though it is free for download, I have added a 'pay what you want' option in case you find it worthy of paying and supporting me. 


  1. You know how much I love prompts and you decide how much I love this blog post now 😍😍😍

    1. I know and I am so glad you're attempting them. Hope they're helping you the way they help me 🥰😍

  2. I don't believe in god. But i do talk to him quite often. It's a consolation. Nice yo know that you write to him. Or is it 'her' in your letters?

    1. It's 'You' actually in my letters and addressed to God. We have just assigned His or Her to God while the force, I believe, is both feminine and masculine.


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