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Many years back, someone inspired me to write poems and I never looked back. Now when people tell me that my words inspired them to start writing, I feel nothing but purely blessed. Even if you don't write yet, anyone—I repeat anyone—can be a writer. No matter what language you write in, if you have got something to tell and you can ink it well, you are a writer. When I started my writing journey, writing prompts were the best tool I had to polish my skills. I still write using prompts and I love them. So, I thought why not make prompts of my own and share them with you all. If this book turns out to be useful for, at least, one of you, my efforts put into the book will be paid off. (A simpler version of the book is now also available on Kindle worldwide. Check the link at the end of this page) Know that you don't have to be a writer to write but writing makes you a writer. You don't have to only write poems, you can write anything. You don't have to write only in Engli

What If I Had Cracked PMT Some Years Ago? Is It OK To Give Up?

This week is a story of my failure... the failure that set me on the path I was meant to be on. Are you one of those who feel ashamed or embarrassed when you hear the word 'failure'? I feel none of these, not at all, because people succeed when they learn to make each failure a step on their ladder of success and climb up with the help of lessons learned on each step. I too gave up on something I once really wanted and I am happy that I chose to give up.

So, this question was posted in my Instagram "what should I blog about" question sticker by my friend who has known me since I was preparing for Pre-medical entrance tests (PMT). I don't know how many of you know this but there was a time when I wanted to become a doctor. Surprised? I don't know why but it seemed unrealistic to me back then. I was not passionate about it; it just did not stir my soul when I imagined myself as a doctor. Nevertheless, I wanted to 'be' something in my life and becoming a 'doctor' seemed a logical choice.

Destiny has different plans for me. The colleges I had cracked PMT for, my family didn't agree to send me there; the one that wasn't far away, some other obstacle occurred and it kept happening until I saw that God was not 'not answering' my prayers, He was denying them. It was never a prayer from the heart even. Just a stubbornness. When I realised that, I gave up. And strange but, I felt free.

The day I decided to give up, I went online and ordered a bunch of books from Amazon. I had all the time in the world now because I had chosen what I always wanted—study from home (C'mon, I hate school and college so much). Okay, so one of those books was The Secret and that book—that one book changed my whole perspective towards life. I didn't even know it was a self-help book; I just ordered it because once a friend had said it was their favourite book and I wanted to read what's in it. Who knew it would become my favourite as well. My life began taking a positive, happier turn.

Leaving the so-called dream of becoming a doctor behind was like breaking shackles and setting myself free. Now when I look back, I realise that it was not even a dream, it was stubbornness; it was ego that was depressing me and not letting me give up.

If I had cracked PMT that year, I would not have been writing this post; I would never have known any of you (my reading and writing community) and you would have never known me; I would have been sitting depressed in some classroom of some medical college 'cause it would have been consuming my soul like a dementor; I would not have been helping people heal through words—without any side-effects; I would not have been Author Shilpa Goel who loves God but Dr Shilpa Goel who keeps complaining to God.

See, doctors need patience (besides patients), I have some patience resembling a grain of sand. Doctors need emotional stability, I am an emotional mess. God knows me better than I do, and I was saved and so were the people who would have been my potential-patients if I had been a doctor. Thank God!

I respect everyone who takes that route because it's as tough as it sounds. Maybe, it was my destiny to be more useful for people through words than scalpels and pills. 😁

If you want to know my story as a writer, you may read it on yourdreamtale.com: Was It Destiny Or More?


  1. You're an inspiration to me 🌻✨

  2. Omg��
    Life happens to us in an unexpected way and God knows what is right thing for us.......
    Di u are tremendous, amazing, soulful person and My favorite writer❤❤❤


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