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You Know When The Heart Breaks The Most?

At some point in our lives, we all have had our heart broken. By situations, by other people, sometimes by our own people whom we trusted the most.

But you know when the heart breaks the most?

It’s when you feel like even God has abandoned you. It’s when you don’t feel God’s love surrounding you. It’s when nothing makes sense because the only one you relied on has seemed to given up on you.

The world seems to fall apart.

You learned to live without love because you knew that even if no one loved you, God does.

And then comes a moment where you feel like God, too, gave up on you.

Maybe it’s the feeling of lack of love in your heart that makes you believe so, but even a lie like that can break your heart into a million little pieces.

For most of us, God is our only hope, our everything because people didn’t treat us the way we deserved. God means the most to us. We think there’s someone with us though it seems there’s no one around. God’s presence heals our wounds. We think that at least our afterlife is sorted if not this one.

But what if you learn even God abandoned you? What now? Whom to rely on? Everything stops making sense. The world becomes a dark place with no where for us to go. You stand there, alone, waiting for a sign, an answer from God and it doesn’t appear.

It seems God loves everyone but you and that vicious cycle of love you had with humans begins with God too. That ‘nobody loves me’ voice becomes more intense in your head. Earlier you had God to speak to but this feeling of not being loved by God left you with no one, absolutely no one. When God is your everything, how can you stay without Him now?

It’s the worst heartbreak anyone can go through.

In the end, I’ll also want to add that God never stops loving us. When we feel abandoned is the time He has held our hand the tightest. Maybe there were lessons we were supposed to learn. Maybe it’s the lack of love in our heart that reflected in the outer world. Even when it feels God doesn’t love you, He does and He does a lot.