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Writing: My Saviour

 It’s way past mid-night.

I’m writing.

Writing on my phone.

The room is engulfed in darkness. I can’t pick pen and paper.

My husband and baby are asleep.

But there’s something more that’s taken over by the dark: my mind.

I feel strange and weird.

We lost a family member recently. Anyone who’s lost a loved one knows the grief and the chaos in mind that comes with it.

And when my mind is drowned in darkness, only writing becomes my refuge, my saviour.

I don’t care about the errors.

I haven’t written a blog in a while. The previous promotional ones were written by AI.

Who has time to write a blog post with a toddler?

I didn’t. So I used AI.

But now, I want to write again.

Writing comes to me when I’m sad. It’s always been my loyal companion but I become disloyal when things are going happy and calm.

I remember to write when my mind is in a mess.

How do I apologise to a skill?

Is writing just a skill? I don’t think so. I may not be a skilled writer, but writing is so much to me. So much more than a skill.

I don’t care about breaking the rules of writing or grammar.

I respect rules.

But when it comes to pouring my heart out, rules break my flow. So I rather break rules than letting rules break my flow of writing.

I’m sorry. It’s all I can say.

You may think why I’m posting my feelings here. I could write and discard them.

Because I want to share my raw thoughts. AI writes perfectly, who likes to read that?

We all know everything’s on point if it’s written by AI.

So, I don’t want my blog to be a space for articles and essays. I want it to be personal.

I want to let my heart pour all its burned here.

I want to write, post, and share. Without editing. Without worrying. Without the fear of judgement.

So, if you ever feel like judging me, the close button is present near the corner. Press it and leave my blog.

It’s my space and I will take up all of it. Proudly.

Writing… oh, what it does to me.

How this blog started, how it ended.

I feel lighter. I feel better.