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Small Unresolved Fights Are Like Slow Poison For Relationships

I was told repeatedly if husband-wife won’t fight then who will? If brother-sister won’t fight, then who will?

They meant in a way that small fights lead to more love but I disagree.

Only love leads to more love.

I am not talking about small, harmless banters that keep happening between brother-sister like Tom & Jerry, I’m talking about minor issues that resolve quickly but on a deeper level, they leave a significant mark.

Those issues are brushed aside as soon as you both start talking again but remember, every time you indulge in an argument from then on, those issues will come up again.

They never really resolve in the first place. The fight ends, the wound heals but the scars remain etched in your heart.

Those seemingly pointless fights and arguments are nothing but slow poison for relationships.

The unresolved issues keep getting stacked over each other and one day, the stack falls down. The relationship comes to an end.

The poison comes into effect.

Hence, it’s better to resolve issues there and then with maturity, wisdom, and without taking anything personally rather than putting your relationship in danger.