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Book Review: "Girl, Wash Your Face" by Rachel Hollis


Hey everyone! I recently finished reading "Girl, Wash Your Face" by Rachel Hollis, and I couldn't wait to share my thoughts with you. If you’re into self-help books or need a little motivational boost, this one might be just what you’re looking for. Let's dive in and see what makes this book stand out.

About the Author

Rachel Hollis is someone I've been following for a while now. She's a lifestyle blogger, motivational speaker, and the powerhouse behind The Hollis Company. Her candid and energetic approach to life has made her a favorite among many, including me. With "Girl, Wash Your Face," Rachel steps into the spotlight as a leading voice in personal development, and it’s easy to see why.

Summary of the Book

"Girl, Wash Your Face" is all about busting the lies we often tell ourselves. Each of the twenty chapters tackles a different lie, like "I’m not good enough" or "I’ll start tomorrow," with Rachel sharing personal stories and practical advice to help us see through these falsehoods. Each chapter wraps up with actionable tips that I found really helpful.

Key Themes

  1. Personal Accountability: One of the biggest takeaways for me was the importance of taking responsibility for my own happiness and success. Rachel makes it clear that while we can't control everything that happens to us, we can control how we respond.

  2. Overcoming Adversity: Rachel’s stories about her struggles—whether with body image, relationships, or career—are incredibly relatable. They remind us that everyone faces challenges and that overcoming them is part of the journey.

  3. Self-Love and Acceptance: This book is a great reminder to be kind to ourselves. Rachel encourages us to embrace our imperfections and celebrate what makes us unique, which is something we all need to hear more often.

  4. Practical Motivation: I loved the practical tips sprinkled throughout the book. From goal-setting to time management, Rachel provides tools that are easy to apply to everyday life.


  1. Relatability: Rachel’s conversational style makes you feel like you’re having a chat with a friend. Her use of personal stories makes the advice feel genuine and attainable.

  2. Inspiration: The book is incredibly motivating. Rachel’s energy is contagious, and I found myself feeling more inspired to tackle my goals after each chapter.

  3. Actionable Advice: Each chapter ends with practical steps you can take immediately. This is perfect for those of us who love having clear, actionable tasks to work on.


  1. Over-Simplification: At times, I felt Rachel might be simplifying some complex issues. While her message about personal responsibility is empowering, it’s important to remember that not everything is within our control.

  2. Repetitive Messages: The focus on debunking lies is powerful, but it can feel a bit repetitive after a while. Some chapters seemed to echo the same points, which might not work for everyone.

  3. Personal Bias: Rachel’s advice is very much based on her own experiences. While I found a lot of value in her perspective, it might not resonate with everyone, especially if your circumstances are very different.


Overall, "Girl, Wash Your Face" is a vibrant and uplifting read. Rachel Hollis’s authentic voice and motivational energy shine through, making it a great addition to any self-help collection. While it has its limitations, the book’s core message of empowerment and resilience is something we can all benefit from. If you’re looking to overcome self-doubt, set new goals, or just need a fresh perspective on life, I definitely recommend giving this book a try.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in need of a motivational pick-me-up and enjoy a down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach, "Girl, Wash Your Face" is definitely worth a read. It’s a heartfelt reminder that we all have the power to wash our faces, stand up, and keep moving forward, no matter what life throws our way.

Have you read "Girl, Wash Your Face"? What did you think? Let’s chat in the comments!