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Journaling For teens: Why it Is important?

Teenage is a tough age—emotionally & mentally.

I get that. Most people understand but not everyone.

There's a not going on in your head and heart. You need someone you can share your emotions and your feelings with.

Even our parents fail to understand us at times during this phase.

The friends we think are our secret keepers turn out to be backstabbers, not intentionally, but because they are the same age and have their own hormones acting up and playing with their thoughts and feelings.

You have so much to deal with including studies and peer pressure but then, a whole new world of crushing over people opens up to you.

It all becomes beautiful and chaotic—all at the same time.

You want to share your feelings with someone. You want to make sense of what’s happening. You have so many questions but no one except the internet to answer them.

And that’s when journaling comes into the scene.

No, I am not talking about daily diary entries. If possible, it’s better to avoid them at this phase because you won’t likely like them when you overcome this phase.

I am actually talking about pouring your emotions and feelings on paper. Everything you are going through, stressing you out, or making you happy, put it all on paper.

Talk about your worries, your joys, and your wishes on paper. Keep your journal in a safe space and forget about the fear of judgement or someone finding out your journal. Be yourself on the pages. Find out who you are.

Daily diaries can be a good record of your life but a deep journaling session lays a strong foundation for your future.

Even when you can’t count on anyone to share your feelings with, not even your best friend, you can always count on your journal.

So, teens, don’t let your feelings rule your life. Understand them by putting them on paper and looking at them from a different perspective. These years of your life are precious, KNOW YOURSELF.