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I Didn't Expect To Sell Much via KDP But Then August Happened

While trying to make my book 'Trusting God: The Path Of Least Resistance' available as Paperback globally, I stumbled upon kindle direct Publishing (KDP).

At the same time, I was trying to make the dream of designing and launching my own journals a reality by inquiring about publishing/printing here and there.

When I saw KDP has launched paperback publishing for Indian writers, I didn't let the opportunity pass.

I began formatting my book Trusting God to upload on KDP.

I admit that it wasn't easy- paper trims, cover trims, margins, etc. But with consistent practice and overcoming some roadblocks, I finally hit the publish button.

Then the idea to launch my journals via KDP came out of nowhere in my mind.

But KDP is for books. I thought.

I couldn't be more wrong.

Low content profit had become a thing by the time the idea came to me.

I came across so many people who had published journals, planners, notebooks, and others via KDP and are earning huge royalties.

It was as if The Universe was opening all the doors to the dream of having my own brand with journal no support. Truth is, you don't need human support when the divine supports you.

Without wasting any more days, I began working on designing the interiors and covers of my journals. Within less than a week, my first journal was live on Amazon.

I, then, designed more and published them.

I saw no sales for the initial few months but then August happened.

After 2 to 3 sales in May, June July, I got 33 sales of my journals in August.

To some, it may seem a small number but to me, it's the fruit of my self-learning, self-teaching, practice, and all the hard work.

September did pretty amazing too.

Let's see what October has in store for me.

I wanted to create a KDP course for beginners like me but I am a better learner than I am a teacher. So, here's this course by Rachel that I highly recommend if you want to get published on KDP for free!