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Why Didn't I Do This Before To Manifest?

Have you heard about manifestation?

If you haven't, aren't you using internet as much as any average person? Because the internet is clearly loaded with manifestation techniques.

As much as I love learning about it and seeing people creating awareness, there are people many who teach surface-level manifestation and teach spells like manifestation is some 'woo-woo' stuff.

Manifestation is deep and also backed by science. Manifestation includes working with energies and quantum science is all about the study of energy.

So, those 333, 777, 555 techniques won't work if either you don't have 110% belief in their potential or if you haven't done your deep inner work.

Anyway, that's not what the blog is about. Some of us are too skeptical, too busy to invest some much-needed time in doing the inner work. And many of us just don't have the right resources or guidance.

Here's what I have been doing for past few days that's been doing wonders in my life. Honestly, I didn't care whether this will help me or not but I did it for the peace of my mind.

Every time someone upsets me I intentionally choose forgiveness.

I know it's not easy but believe me, when I started to choose to let go instead of fighting or arguing with the other person, things started getting so much better from the next moment. The complaints I had with them just sorted out on their own or the person simply corrected their behavior.

If you wish to argue that forgiveness is not easy, try it next time. Instead of talking back or trying to argue with someone, step away from them, breathe, and say in your heart, 'it's okay, I forgive them.'

Don't forgive for the sake of changing them, forgive for the peace of your heart. Forgive because you deserve to be happy regardless of how they act.

I have manifested so much since I started doing it and the people who try to do me bad have no idea how I am using their behaviour to my advantage.

Forgiveness is such a powerful tool to do the inner work while learning to manifest.

Start small.

Start forgiving people for small issues that upset you.

You don't have to dive super fast into forgiveness and try hard to forgive those who are the reason behind your trauma. Take your time. Baby steps.

To learn more about how powerful forgiveness is, learn about the Hawaiian called Ho'oponopono prayer.

It's a magical prayer that works wonders in my life almost every time I use it.

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