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Manifesting After Giving Up. The Power Of Letting Go.

My book Trusting God: the Path of Least Resistance is based on the theme of surrendering and letting go.

But every time I forget about the power of letting go despite writing a whole book about it, the Universe reminds me of what I need to do in order to manifest my desires.

I do not like typing at all! I love writing by hand and dictation (typing by voice) is quite a pain. 

I wanted to "hand write " on screen! But I didn't want to invest in an Apple Pencil because I am not a painter or illustrator.

It would be a waste of money, I thought.

And here I am, 'handwriting' this blog post on my iPad with my Apple pencil.

After completely letting go of the idea of investing in a pencil and focusing on the other stuff, I got to scribble this blog post on my iPad with my Apple Pencil and it's almost perfectly converting my handwriting into text.

I can finally handwrite my blog post without worrying about typing them.

It will still need some editing but not as much as dictation did.

When I had let go of my desire to buy this one 'more' Apple product, my brother surprised me with one.

He knew how much I wanted it but I wasn't sure if I'd put it to much use.

Anyway, things come to us when we are ready for them.

Now, I won't just use it for writing on the screen and converting it to text, I will use it to make & launch new coloring books under the Meetlife journals banner, which you check may out here and here (if you are in India).

I am glad it manifested at the right time and I did not long for it much. I am loving it.

Also, if you want to learn more about surrendering and letting go, you may read my book Trusting God, available worldwide on Amazon!

I'll try and post more such small blogs as it is better than not posting at all.

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