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Surviving Parosmia: A Long and Difficult Journey, But There is Hope

If you are someone dealing with Parosmia, one of the most horrifying side effects of Covid-19, then this post is for you.

I talked about my Parosmia story previously on this blog, which you may read here: https://www.shilpagoel.com/2021/09/one-year-since-i-had-covid-19-and-its.html?m=1

In summary, my Parosmia started in December 2020, when I was getting married after suffering from Covid-19 in the first wave in September 2020. I had had anosmia for 15 days when the virus hit me but my smell of sense came back normal but it began deteriorating by the end of November 2020 and in December 2020, every smell became horrible for me.

It was in March 2021, that I understood what was happening to me was a side-effect of the same and it was called Parosmia. You may read more here: https://www.shilpagoel.com/2021/09/one-year-since-i-had-covid-19-and-its.html?m=1

I also talked about how it was gradually getting better by the end of 2021. I was starting to eat Onions that were on the top of my trigger foods/smells during the entire episode of Parosmia.

But I was wrong. My happiness was short-lived because soon after I got pregnant, all my triggers came back!

Onion and garlic repelled me far more strongly than they did before. The smells became unbearable for the entire first trimester. They made me nauseous.

For the rest of the pregnancy, I had similar triggers as before.

I gave up hope of having my normal sense of smell and taste back. I tried subliminals on YouTube as there wasn't any medicine for this.

Now, I don't know if it happened because of affirmations/subliminals or because of the birth of my baby girl (and the birth of a new me), or that we changed home that my strongest trigger Onion began getting better. I started eating in small amounts.

I started giving my trigger foods a try and they became more bearable day by day until they started tasting and smelling around 95% as before.

Of course, I haven't healed 100% and I guess a part of me will always have a memory of those disgusting smells, but this phase is what I am most grateful for.

I will never take my sense of smell for granted.

I will never forgive Parosmia for snatching almost 2 years of my life because when you're a foodie and the food makes you nauseous, life seems dull and tough.

The tougher part was explaining your situation to someone else, hoping someone will understand your plight. But you can't blame them. They are clueless about this thing called Parosmia. There's not much awareness about it.

Only those who suffer from Parosmia can truly understand what an awful condition it is.

Out of all the people who were hit by the virus, I suffered for the longest time.

My baby girl entered this world as my biggest blessing.

I found the light at the end of the darkest tunnel. I am almost rid of Parosmia. Not completely but I am grateful for and content with how far I have come.

If you are going through the same, know that you are not alone. And it will get better. I can't tell you how long it will take but it will fade away. Took me 2 years, yours might get better in 2 weeks or months or longer.

There's no specific time period but there's hope. I was hopeless too. I had accepted those odors as my new reality. I had forgotten how the things smelled before. My list of triggers was endless and it is now reduced to a few.

It feels so good to say 'GoodBye Prosmia'.

And if you're suffering too, I'm sure that someday, you'll also get to bid it adieu. Have faith. Have patience.

Time will heal.