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Here’s How ChatGPT Can Help You Speed Up The Process Of Manifestation

People are talking about ChatGPT all over the world.

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It can solve most (if not all) of your problems. And not just ChatGPT, there are several AI tools now for several purposes.

While people are using it for content creation, copywriting, coding, solving maths problems, and so much more, this post is about how ChatGPT can help you in the process of manifestation.

If you have clicked this post, then either you are learning about manifestation or trying different techniques to manifest your desires. Whichever category you fall in, are you aware of manifestation techniques?

Let’s talk about a few of them here:

  1. Affirmations: Affirmations are a great and effortless tool to reprogram your subconscious mind. The internet is full of affirmations for your desires, be it love, career, health, or family. But sometimes we want very specific affirmations and we feel resistant when trying to create our own affirmations. That’s when ChatGPT comes to the rescue. I asked Open AI to give me 10-15 affirmations for a certain situation and I was flattered with the affirmations it wrote for me.
  2. Scripting: I have always struggled with scripting and I gave up on it. But I asked Open AI to write a script for me so that I could write about how well the AI writes in this blog post and again, it left me in awe. It wrote such a beautiful script for the command I give it. You can use this as a prompt: “I want to do scripting to manifest my wishes. Can you write a script for [your wish]?”
  3. EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping is not only amazing for manifestation but it has helped me many times. I use Youtube to follow along on EFT videos for specific needs but I was searching for EFT for something and there weren’t any videos available for it. So, I switched to ChatGPT and asked it to write an EFT script for my need. It didn’t let me down at all.

There are many more manifestation techniques that it can help you with. I only tried these three so far.

While some people find it better to personalize their scripts and affirmations themselves, I like the ones that I find on the internet or someone else writes. It’s a personal choice, honestly.

Lastly, I am an introvert, and asking others for help is the hardest task for me. Now that ChatGPT is here, I have like an assistant all the time with me.

Why only talk about the downsides of AI and robots when you can use them for good? Now that AI is all over the internet and not just ChatGPT, let’s accept their presence and make good use of them.


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