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God Knows What’s Best For Us

My daughter was chewing on the TV remote, so I took that away from her. It had too many germs.

My daughter snatched my phone to hold it. Next step? Chew on it. I took that away from her. It had the most germs and also, radiation.

I take things away from my daughter that I feel aren’t right for her.

She started chewing her lower lip. She refused to eat. She wasn’t hungry. She’s possibly teething.

I handed over a teether to her and she gladly accepted it.

It dawned upon me.

God is our parent.

God takes away things from us and we cry, blaming God for taking things we so loved away from us.

They were potentially harmful to us.

We fail to see the good behind it.

Obviously, there are losses that don’t make sense. Like losing a loved one to God. I cannot explain that either.

But for most losses, I know that God replaces them with something better and something that’s good for us.

If we snatch something harmful from our babies whom we love the most, doesn’t Our Creator have as much right over us to keep us protected and safe?

We find it easy to blame God because God doesn’t fight back verbally with us.

I assure you that if God answered all your prayers, you’d be in trouble.

That's why I know that Trusting God is simply the path of least resistance


  1. This reminds me that Jesus, girl with teddy bear pic 💜


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