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World Handwriting Day: Time To Start Journaling?

It's World Handwriting Day today and I cannot skip celebrating it. Putting pen to paper is all I need to switch my mood. I even write most of my blog posts by hand in notebook before typing them up for posting.

World Handwriting Day falls on January 23rd every year to recognize the importance of handwriting in our daily lives. It is the most important part of my life indeed.

It is a day to celebrate the art of handwriting and to raise awareness about its benefits.

Handwriting is an essential skill that is often taken for granted in today's digital age. Don't we all just think it's better to type up things super fast rather than slowing down and penning by hand?

However, handwriting is a valuable tool for learning and communication. Handwriting helps with cognitive development, improves fine motor skills, and can even boost creativity. It also allows for personal expression and can serve as a means of self-discovery, which is why journaling is always advised to be done in a physical journal rather than any journaling app.

Handwriting is also important for preserving history. Many historical documents and works of art were created by hand, and they offer a glimpse into the past. Handwriting also holds sentimental value, as it is often used in personal letters and journals.

The benefits of handwriting are not limited to children, but also adults. Studies have shown that taking notes by hand improves memory and comprehension compared to typing on a computer. 

Additionally, handwriting can be beneficial for stress relief and overall well-being. I have experienced it first-hand. Writing in a journal or just writing some poetry by hand takes away all my stress and give me an excuse to escape the world for a while.

To celebrate World Handwriting Day, consider taking some time to practice your handwriting or try your hand at calligraphy.

You can also write a letter to a friend or family member. And what better day to start a journal than now? Journaling can help you to document your thoughts and feelings, and even become more aware of self.

In conclusion, World Handwriting Day is an opportunity to reflect on the importance of handwriting in our lives and to appreciate the art of handwriting. Let's celebrate by practicing our handwriting, writing letters and journals, and preserving the history and sentimental value of handwriting.