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Can Luxor Ever Stop Being So Good?

I have finally discovered my favourite fountain pen.

Yes, I have tried expensive fountain pen brands like Lamy, Parker and inexpensive brands like Camlin and my favourite fountain pen turned out to be 
Luxor Ink GlideI am writing this blog post with the same.

Lamy is super smooth, no doubt, but the problem with both my Lamy Safaris was that they dried up after a few days of not using them. I don’t even know how to revive one of my Lamy’s since it has badly dried up.

Anyway, I was writing my morning pages when I remembered about Luxor Ink Glide that was lying in my pencil case, used, for months now.

I was hesitant in picking it up, sure that it must have dried up pretty bad by now. I had packed it with my other stationery about six months ago when we were shifting our home.

But my urge to use a fountain pen overpowered my hesitation and I grabbed this pen. To my surprise, it began writing right after hitting the paper like it was never not in use. Wow!

I am a pen and notebooks enthusiast! I cannot keep using the same pen for days. I love changing up, experimenting, adding varieties. So, it irks me when a fountain pen becomes a hassle after a few days of keeping it away from use.

But this pen—Luxor Ink Glide—True to its name, gliding after so long of inactivity. It’s love.

Even though the pen looks a little childish and is not as professional, it write quite well. So, I love it regardless of its looks. Grip is quite good too.

My favourite pen of all time is Pilot V5. I love a huge number of pens but there’s something about Pilot V5, it’s like coming home when I write with it after writing with other pens.

And guess who’s the distributor of Pilot Pens in India?


Also, my first commonplace journal was a Luxor A5, 5 subject, wirobound notebook and how I loved writing in it.

Can Luxor ever stop being so good?

What is it about Luxor that makes their products so consistently good? I believe it's their commitment to quality. Luxor is dedicated to using premium materials and paying attention to every detail in their products.

Be it their pens, fountain pens, art supplies, notebooks, and even inexpensive fine liners, Luxor provides great quality under easily affordable prices.

I think it's clear that Luxor is a brand that truly cares about creating high-quality products that their customers will love. And as someone who has been a fan of their products for years, I can confidently say that they definitely deliver on that promise. 

If you haven't tried Luxor's products yet, I highly recommend giving them a try. You won't be disappointed.

I also wish I was being paid to write this post but I am not. This is my personal opinion based on my experience.


  1. I love Luxor too! Haha anyone would think that you’re paid to write this!


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