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Let Your Inner Child Enjoy The Creative Process

Are you an artist? 

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Do you love creating art? Be it writing, drawing, painting, sketching, music, drama, craft… you name it.

Creating art soothes us, doesn't it, but why?

Art is not created by our grown-up logical mind. It's our inner child that wants to express himself/herself through art when we are too busy dealing with our adult life.

Our inner child feels happy by creating art and hence, in those times, our heart and mind steal some moments of peace, too.

But then comes judgement. No, not the judgement from others, but judgement from ourselves. That harsh, brutal self-critic within us kills the joy of creating art.

When we focus on perfection and try to control our creative flow, it hinders the aim behind creating art — to express our true inner self.

By being too judgmental, we stop our inner child from enjoying the creative process and expressing himself/herself freely and truly through his or her chosen form of art.

So, please keep judgement away and let your inner child enjoy the process.

Let your art be a mess. If you will judge yourself so much, then what are others for?

And don't let others' judgement get to your heart. Art cannot be understood by all. Art is perceived differently by each set of eyes. It took your heart to create a piece, don't let someone's logic and brain speak ill about it.

As long as your inner child feels joyful creating that piece of art, your art is beautiful and worthy of all the appreciation in the world.

Create art… create all the art that your heart wants, but never let the fear of judgement ruin the joy of the creative process. Never judge yourself so much that creating art becomes more of a burden than a tool to lighten up your heart and soul.

Let your inner child enjoy the creative process because that's what art is about; to provide peace, calm, freedom, expression, and joy.


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