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Pro-Tip For Content Writers To Beat Writer's Block

Are you a content writer: freelance, part-time, or full-time?

Does a blank screen intimidate you?

Do you want to know how to get going every time you open a new document to start writing for your clients?

My advice to beat writer's block for creative writers is always to work with writing prompts. But that cannot always be done when it comes to content writing.

Content writers already come to the screen or notebook with their prompt – the topics they are supposed to work on for their clients. But then, 'getting started' becomes the problem.

In this blog, I am sharing one tip that made me a better and more prolific content writer, thanks to a client who had this system for outsourcing his articles.

Here's what you do: CREATE AN OUTLINE. 

I hope you expected it to be this simple because it's the simplest things that hold the most power.

I cannot stress enough the importance of creating an outline for each piece you are working on.

Especially when you have to work on multiple articles at once, it's better to have them planned out in advance so that writing them later becomes far easier.

Outlining your article helps you to organise your content visually on the screen or on a piece of paper.

All you have to do later is to expand those points and reach the required word count.

Outlining became a crucial part of my client's project writing process ever since I worked with that client.

The reason he made his writers outline the articles was to get them approved by his clients before asking the writers to proceed with the article writing.

I love the way he works.

But after a point, he dropped the outlining part of the process.

Why? Because his clients were taking too long to go through and revert to him while his writers awaited the response.

Though he dropped this step, I continued using it because I found it so much easier to work on articles with a prepared outline in hand. The blank screen never daunted me afterwards.

If you don’t know how to Outline an article, given below are key components that you can include in every article of yours. And if these don’t work for you, you may simply lookup on Google for some articles/blog templates to get you started.

  1. Headline: What's the topic of this article? What can one expect to read in this piece?
  2. Introduction: (Repeat the headline's text with a little more depth.) What does this writing describe? It is for whom? What will the reader receive if they read all the way through? Additionally, why should they believe you? What makes you credible? ‍
  3. Key Points: What "proven strategy" have you adopted to structure this article? Does this article follow steps, lessons, mistakes, tips, etc. format? How many of those steps, lessons, mistakes, tips, etc. do you intend to include? 5 Errors? ‍ 3 Steps? Four lessons? It's better to mention them in your outline if you have already researched your topic.
  4. Conclusion: What is the key lesson here? What do you want readers to take away from this article? 

By creating an outline, you will come to your work prepared and it will feel less daunting to complete the task than staring at a blank screen.

It hardly takes 5-10 minutes to create an outline after some initial research and the rest can be done later.

Hope this helps you write your next piece without feeling overwhelmed.



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