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Why I Love Blogging

Out of all forms of writing I practice, I love writing poetry and blogging the most.

Poetry pacifies me while blogging frees me.

I started this blog in 2012 when I didn't know what blogging was, let alone knowing the ABCs of blogging.

My blog will be a decade old this September. Wow!

I wrote and drafted two long blog posts today and it felt so good. I then realised what makes me so passionate about blogging.

Blogging allows me to freely express myself, my views, my opinions, my experiences, my lessons, my everything.

There's no pressure of negative comments, trolls, or beating a certain algorithm... just the pure joy of expressing through writing.

There's absolutely nothing about blogging that I don't like. There's absolutely everything about blogging that I love.

I even love how much I learned all over these years about blogging and using blogger. Every little thing. This place taught me a lot.

Blogging frees me because it is the place where I am free to talk about things I am passionate about, journaling and manifestation, for example.

There's nobody to judge me here for who I am.

If people want to learn about the topics I write about, they come here or they don't and that doesn't stop me from writing.

I get to express myself without expecting a response.

People in real life haven't got time or understanding to listen about things that I have got to talk about.

I feel awkward when they are like 'what the hell are you talking about?' I feel alienated.

But here, it feels so peaceful to pour my heart and mind out loud.

Here, I get to help people who wish to be helped. I won't have to speak to those who consider sharing my experiences as preaching.

And I love it when I get to help people in any way. Blogging empowers me to do just that.

Above all, I love drafting my blog posts by hand with pen on paper. It feels heavenly, honestly, and is my favourite part of blogging.


  1. This is a reminder for me to blog more 🙏


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