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I Didn’t Expect This To Happen On Instagram

Opportunities can land in your lap from absolutely anywhere. You should be open to receiving.

I didn't find it true until I got some amazing clients and projects on LinkedIn.

But recently, Instagram left me surprised and in awe.

I expect inbound leads on LinkedIn and get them often with God's grace.

Some time ago, I added 'freelance content writer' to my Instagram bio. I had never done that before because I have a poetry and creative writing account on Instagram. I wondered why would I find clients for content writing here on Instagram?

I am so glad to write here that I am working with my first IG Client and I am loving it. The opportunity landed in my DMs out of nowhere.

I am writing web content for my client who is cooperative, supportive, and always pays well in time. I could not ask for a better client.

But that's not all. I was scrolling through my hidden request folder on Instagram a few days ago and found it filled with people who reached out to me for content writing services.

Damn Instagram! It sent some of the most important DMs to 'hidden' requests which I hardly ever check.

I reverted to them but have yet to hear back from them. Maybe they found someone else while their DMs were kept hidden from me by Instagram's sorting hat.

Let's see if those inbound leads convert into clients but just seeing those opportunities in my inbox makes me believe so much more in the power of being open to receiving.

Just a minor change in my bio and offers came pouring in… Wow!

Put yourself out there. Let people know what you do. Sometimes, we ourselves are the only obstacle on our path to success.

Stop limiting yourself. Put everything that you want to do and are capable of doing for others in your bio. Let others decide the rest.

Your job is to make yourself visible. Anything is possible.

Open yourself to receive from the universe!

If you would like to work with me, contact me at authorshilpagoel@gmail.com or check my portfolio here.


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