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Why I Write Short Blog Posts

If you regularly read my blog, you must have noticed that I don't write long, detailed blog posts except maybe a few. 

I know and I have read over several websites that longer pieces do well with SEO and rank better on Google. 

I am a poet and I write short poems and post them on Instagram where my primary audience is. 

My audience is used to reading in quick yet relatable content and I also know that most of my audience isn't avid readers. And it's one thing that I am most proud of—to be able to keep non-readers hooked to my content. 

This is not my main reason to write short-form articles or blog posts, though it's definitely one of them. 

My biggest reason to write short blog posts is that I don't read long articles myself! Whenever I come across a headline that interests me, I open it and scroll down to see how long it is, also judging by subtitles if it's worth my time or not. 

I just can't stay glued to my screen to read damn long blogs and learn not much from them because the longer the content, the lesser the information I retain in my memory from it. It gets boring after one point. 

What you can say in a line can also be said in a paragraph, in an article, and even in a book, it just depends upon the number of times you repeat the same line and in how many different ways you repeat it. 

So, rather than boring my audience with the same thing repeated over and over just to please the SEO, I put what I wish to say once and in a short blog post. 

But some people do love reading long and detailed posts and some things do need to be explained in detail, but I still prefer to read and write content that's short, crisp, and gives the information away without trapping one in the mazes of twisted and repeated sentences. 

In short, I write what I love to read and I love reading short-form content more than I love reading long-form one.


  1. I love reading everything you write ♡


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