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The Importance of Pen And Paper In My Life

If you ask me what my life without pen and paper would be, I say it would be as meaningless as my life without God in it. 

Pen and paper are not God for me, but they connect me to God. And it's just one of the infinite reasons I love and cannot live without putting pen to paper.

As far as I can go back to my childhood, I see myself holding a pen or pencil in one hand and a paper pad in the other.

I have kept pen and paper the closest to me. Whether I was alone or with people, happy or sad, content or lonely, free or stressed, these two have been my constant companions and best friends.

I grew up seeing my family members describing me to others as the kid who always has a pen and notebook in her hand.

My little hands back then didn't know that the notebook that hardly weighed anything could carry the weight of all my worries, sorrows, sadness, joys, peace, love… when I grew up.

Believe me when I say that a pen and paper can change your life. But while people use these incredible tools to their advantage in life, these have somehow become my life.

Little did I know, my love for pen and paper would someday make me a writer. I write partly because it's my best way of self-expression and partly for the love of putting pen to paper.

I write almost all of my blog posts by hand and later type them. Though I write poetry both by hand and on phone, I have written my novel (still a work in progress) entirely by hand. My latest book Trusting God, too, is written by hand first.

My mind works better when I see words taking shape on paper – letter by letter. It's more like my heart doing the talking on paper while on the screen, my fear of perfection starts hindering my process of writing. The heart doesn't give a damn about perfection, it just wants to pour itself out in the light of the world.

You must be wondering what I used to write in my childhood.

No, it wasn't journaling. I learned about journaling in 2015 only. But it was nothing less. I don't know how to explain but let me try to.

You see, I am an introvert and while the kids of my age went out on the streets to play with each other, I sat in my room, cartoons on TV, and tried to learn to write the way cartoons did.

Those curvy lines and scribbles. So, I filled notebooks with nothing but curvy, wavy lines.

But what appeared 'dumb' to others was very meaningful to me somehow. It freed me. I loved the way pens would just glide on paper. My heart danced to the rhythm of my soul. It used to be soothing and meditative.

Pen and paper kept me at ease, at peace and calm. They were home to a shy, fearful kid who loved to be alone because the world and the people just didn't seem right.

And the day I started working letters to God, pen and paper became my best way to connect to God.

With gratitude journaling and Morning pages, I saw amazing and seemingly impossible changes in my life.

And everything — my life for pens and journals — all of it made sense the day poetry held my hand. It gave me one more reason to fall in love with Stationery even more and more.

I don't know why but my heart leaps up with joy at the sight of notebooks and journals and not just those cute, pretty kind—every single kind!

Also, people who gift me journals are my favourite kind, not because I love journals, but it's a very thoughtful gift for me because it shows me that the person remembers and respects my love for pen and paper. My husband ain't one of them though. But my bhabhi (brother's wife) is ❤️

Okay, my husband doesn't gift me stationery since he doesn't know what kind I would like as I already have a huge collection, but he readily agrees to go stationery shopping with me and that kinda means the same.

See, it's so easy to make me happy.

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