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Solitude Took Me Closer To God

People are afraid of being left alone even for a few hours.

They fear boredom. They fear missing out on gossip. They fear so much of what they think they will miss out on if they are left alone with their thoughts.

It depends if our mind is reliable enough to be left alone with. I can understand the situation of those whose thoughts are so negative, so intense, and heavy that they start feeling claustrophobic in the widest of spaces when they are alone.

But those who have forgotten to spend time with themselves, reflecting on their thoughts should really consider taking some time out.

Solitude is the best place where you can tame your thoughts and mind.

If you keep letting your thoughts control your life, you would forever be a slave to their negativity.

I  have been quite a negative person throughout my life. It doesn’t seem so from my posts because they are so positive. But these posts are less for you and more like notes to self for me. The lessons that I learned the hard way.

If I say that books changed my life, I mean it. I am a terrible liar, ask anyone who knows me.

Books taught me the power of our thoughts, beliefs, and mind.

Books brought me out of negativity and I need to regularly read self-help or positive books to keep my vibes high.

Internet, too, played a significant role.

But books came much later in my life. Then, what kept me going all this time?

It’s GOD. Obviously.

I, too, have questioned God, blamed God, asked Him so many times why He was against me.

It took me so many years to connect the dots and understand His plans while He patiently walked beside me, silently listening and taking up all the blame. How generous can God be?

I was a lonely kid. Being an introvert, I never went out to play with other kids my age. We lived in a joint family, and hence, my only friends were my cousins, my parents, and my brother. But none was my age. No one understood the weirdo that I was.

So, I used to sit all day in my room and spend time with notebooks and pens while cartoons ran on TV. I used to love doodling and scribbling.

In all the times I was alone, I kept getting closer to God. As I grew up, struggles started coming regarding life and career, I found refuge in writing letters to God.

Writing to God has been my best way to connect with God. Writing always helped me, in so many ways, but it helped me the most when it came to communicating with God.

Even now, every time I am alone, I talk to God or write about God if I am not reading or doing any other work.

God has been my savior since always. God has watched over me even during the times I forgot to call Him for help. And solitude is the best place where I meet God, where I am undisturbed by this world and a step closer to God.

So, when you can’t find God anywhere else, find a quiet place, close your eyes (or not), and seek Him inside your heart.

My new ebook TRUSTING GOD: The Path of Least Resistance will be released soon! Keep a watch on this space. (Update: The book is out now! Check here).

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