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Journaling Is No Longer Just My Want. It’s As Necessary As Eating

I missed my morning pages this morning as I got busy with some other urgent tasks.

I felt so grumpy throughout the afternoon, I took a nap and when I woke up, I realised I had forgotten to do my morning journaling.

You see, journaling keeps me sane. Journaling helps me deal with situations that make my mind chaotic.

I said journalling is as necessary as eating, and not breathing because like eating, journaling is a conscious practice. We can't stay alive without breathing for a specific period of time but we can go without eating for a longer period.

I can go without journaling but it's as important for my mind and soul as food is for my body.

I am a lover of pen and paper. When I began my journaling journey, it was my want.

But it has transformed my life in such a way that journaling has now become one of my basic survival needs.

I journaled on and off in 2021, only I know how hard that year was. Journalling regularly could have helped me deal with many situations. When I started my morning/daily pages again last year, things started making sense, helping me get back on track.

Even this morning, when I forgot to journal and had a terrible mood, I took out my journal in the evening and did my daily journaling session.

Things started feeling better. Yes, I know, journaling is powerful and magical.

I don't know what it's about journalling along with the joy of running pen on paper that make me forget the whole damn world.

Journaling takes me to other dimensions where people lose the power to bother me.

Journaling keeps me sane in an insane world.

Journaling helps me dream on the pages that eventually become my reality.

Journaling, above all else, takes me closer to God.

Journaling is no longer just my want, it's as important as food for me.


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