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Create A World Of Your Own To Escape To Whenever Required

Sometimes, I mean often, life feels too overwhelming and everyone around you seems to be testing your patience. Everything seems to be going against you.

Those are the times you wish to escape the world, or at least, reality or people in your life.

Of course, escaping the world is not the answer and I am sorry for putting it this way. It just feels too exhausting at times.

So, to escape those times, you so need to create a world of your own and that place should be where people from your surroundings cannot nag at you.

For me, that place is either the world of my few, loyal internet friends (remember, internet friends are far more amazing and supportive and understanding than anyone else), or the world of being alone with my books, journals, and God.

People can make you feel lonelier than you do when you are alone. Alone is a beautiful place to be at times.

We grow in solitude, we learn in solitude, we get closer to things that really matter in solitude. We get closer to God (or which our power you believe in) in solitude. Above all, we get closer to ourselves in solitude.

Create a space where are you feel at peace, undisturbed, unbothered, away from whatever is troubling your mind or soul.

Take refuge in God, because with God, all things are possible.

Switch your focus from the world, people, situation to something you really love doing.

Like I am writing this blog post right now with pen on paper and I have really forgotten what was bothering me.

Also, talking to your best friend and ranting does magic too.

It all depends on what soothes you. But we all should have an option, a space to gain our peace, our mental stability, our power back from the circumstances.

Do you have such a safe space yet?


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