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5 Tips To Be A Better Writer

While I am on my journey to be a better writer every day, I have my fair share of tips or ways that help me be a better writer each day. 

I am not there where I wish to be yet and I guess, there's still a long way before me to reach that stage.

Not that good writing is some rocket science that needs to be understood but good writing does need a lot of practice for polishing your skills and your heart full of love for the art of writing.

If you have the discipline to practice and a heart that's soothed by writing, you will find this post worthy of a read (or more).

1. Write Every Day!

As already mentioned above, good writing requires a lot of practice to polish your skills, and hence, writing every day is an undeniable condition for that.

There hasn't been a day when I didn't write since I don't know how long! I write – whether I write poems, stories, or even journaling; whether I write in the notebook or on my phone – I write every single day!

There is no substitute for this and nobody else can do this for you but yourself.

Be disciplined enough to practice your craft each day because nobody would ever force you to do that except yourself.

2. Be Courageous Enough To Write Bad

When it comes to writing every day and practicing writing, it doesn't mean you have to draft out masterpieces during each writing session.

Let the words flow. Don't worry about them being bad. Bad writing requires courage and someday, bad writing will lead you to write well through practice.

Even the best writers have crappy pieces hidden in their journals. My journal is full of them. So yes, allow yourself to write badly if you want to write well.

If you find it hard, Natalie Goldberg's Writing Down The Bones may inspire you to do so with ease.

3. Be Your Own Competitor

Competing and comparing your skills with other writers can turn out to be a waste of time because writing is something that comes from a wide variety of places, experiences, emotions, situations, and whatnot.

What you can write others cannot and what someone else can write you cannot. We all have a voice, a style and nothing can take that away from us.

We should focus on bettering ourselves rather than just comparing our skills with someone else's. They cannot write the stories that your heart holds.

So, just voice your heart out on paper and forget about what others are writing.

4. Shut Up The Inner Critic

We, writers, have our worst enemy within ourselves. We don't need other people to judge or criticise us, we do it pretty well on our own.

But you know what? Our judgement is often wrong.

There were times when I kept myself from posting some pieces on Instagram, thinking they weren't good enough and when I finally made up my mind to post them, they became some of my most loved posts!

Our inner critic knows nothing more than fear–the fear of being judged by others. And once we overcome that fear, the inner critic takes a long nap…long enough for us to write until the fear wakes up again.

It's our primary job to shut up and lull our inner critic to sleep before we sit on our desk to write.

The inner critic is stopping you the most from creating – more than any other person or situation in your life.

Shut that creepy, ugly voice within you and listen to your heart and soul that crave to write a lot, fearlessly.

5. Use Prompts When You Feel Stuck

There are days when you come to a blank page mentally prepared but on most days, you face a blank page and have no clue about what to put on paper.

And that's when writing prompts come to our rescue. A word or a look around is enough to strike inspiration at times.

Prompts can be simple, don't complicate choosing a prompt. You may even grab my book of Infinite Writing Prompts for a never-ending supply of writing prompts for absolutely any kind of creative writing practice.

Prompts have always helped me in improving my writing skills and writing well. They are the most useful on days when I wish to step out of my comfort zone on the page.

Since prompts have been the best aid in my writing journey, I was also inspired to write a book of Infinite Writing Prompts and hence, you can imagine how much I value and recommend writing prompts for all writers, not just budding or amateur ones.

Prompts can also help you write every day and make the writing sessions even more fun and exciting.

I was once advised to be not afraid to make mistakes in writing and that changed my whole life by making me fall in love with writing.

Write regularly and by regularly, I mean every day and write with your heart. Save the mind for editing.

Do not let the editor enter your writing room until your first draft of your work in progress is complete. Writing is fun when you write for the sake of the love of writing.

Tell me, which of the above tips has proven to be most effective for you?

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