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My Goals For This Year?

The headline isn't punctuated wrong. There's supposed to be a question mark only.

If you ask me what my goals are for this year, my answer would be: none!

I have a lot of goals and yet none at all.

My goal is to go with the flow, for once and try to control the circumstances a little less.

My goal is to attain financial freedom and to choose silence and peace, yet not be so attached to my goals that I turn my peace into chaos.

I will do whatever I can and whatever I enjoy, and let them bring results to me on their own. Because I very well know that I can earn a lot doing what I love doing–writing.

I'm not forcing my plans this year. I am letting destiny show me the way.

And till now, I haven't been disappointed. Because sometimes, our plans get in the way of God's plans.

My goal is to avoid people that trigger my insecurities, my emotions, my beliefs, and my anger so that I can choose to live in calm and peace.

My goal is to control my emotions enough to not let others take advantage of my anger or tears.

My goal is to treat people the way they treat me so that they know what it feels like to be treated badly.

My goal is to choose silence in response to people trying to provoke me and spoil the reputation I have built over time.

My goal is to not argue with the fools and dumb-wits who think they are the smartest of all. To understand that their narrow mind cannot take in the information that I have learned from reading countless books and blogs over the years.

My goal is to be so focused on God that people wonder what I do to be so blessed, that I never have fear come even close to me because my faith is the strongest.

My goal is to stop people-pleasing and be misunderstood instead because the Only One who matters is already watching over me all the time and knows my true intentions.

My goals may look vain and hollow but that's what my goals are: to prioritise my mental health because people suck anyway.

I have a lot of goals, yet none at all.

My goals may look lazy but believe me, they are a lot of inner work.

So, tell me, what are your goals for this year? Is prioritising your mental health one of them?

If not, I'd recommend reconsidering your goals.

P.S.: It wasn't intended but this kinda flows like a poem and I love it this way


  1. These are GOALS and I’m already prioritising my mental health.


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