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How Linkedin Got Me A Project I Loved The Most

In 2020, I set up my LinkedIn profile, and with the help of a friend, I learned how it works.

Within a few days, I had already started loving it a lot, and posting on this platform became a lot more fun than spending time on Instagram.

"You will start landing freelancing clients right in your inbox," my friend had said.

I only half-believed them but still, I liked posting and commenting on other posts on LinkedIn.

Believe it or not, within a month or maybe two, a message popped up in my inbox and it was for a freelance writing project!

Now, you must be wondering why do I love this project so much.

Let's make it short: because it was a poetry project.

I had to do what I am confident about being really good at and that is writing poems for your loved ones.

So, the LinkedIn client who landed in my inbox and asked me to write poems for their beloved.

It was a month-long project. I had to write a poem a day on their behalf for their beloved.

I had thought that LinkedIn would bring me spammers or just fraud clients but I agreed nevertheless.

When I stated my charges, they did not bother to negotiate and also, paid me the full amount in advance within 5 to 10 minutes of our deal! 

They were polite, respectful, and never ever found faults in my work. The kindest client I have ever worked with.

We had worked again last year and though my charges were higher this time, they agreed to work again with me. Still, with the same politeness and respect.

One never lets go of such clients. If my ideal client had a definition, it would be them.

Linkedin is a great place to find amazing people to work with. Just take some time out to optimize your profile and build some reputation on this platform. You will never regret it.

Also, if you would like to work with me, check out my LinkedIn profile here or drop me an email at authorshilpagoel@gmail.com


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