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Artist’s Block is Not a Myth

I did not write writer's block this time because no matter what form of art is your forte, you must have faced artist's block, at least, once in your artistic journey.

Artist block is not a myth. It is real and we have our own ways to overcome it.

If I stop working on any of my projects midway, which I do a lot, I get badly blocked and just can't seem to continue that project without a mind loaded with heaps of self-determination.

In her book The Artist's Way, Julia Cameron talks about Artist block and suggest two ways to nurture your inspiration or muse:

  1. Morning Pages
  2. Artist's Date

While I often talk about morning pages, I hardly ever talk about Artist's date, maybe because I never tried or practiced it.

Artist's date is blocking an hour or two every week in which you take your inner artist on a date, no kids, no partner, no parent, nobody else; just you and your inner artist.

These dates don't have to be expensive. You can go out in the park, to an art museum, go for a walk, etc. Nurture your inner artist and the inner child.

I haven't specifically experimented with Artist's dates but even spending an hour walking on our terrace fills me with so much peace and inspiration for art. I seriously write so many poems just by looking at the sky.

Here are some ways you can overcome artist's block:

  • Take a Break and Go on a Walk: a walk can do wonders. I am not even kidding. Just go out and walk around the block. You will feel peace if nothing else and it will be a great break from the stress over your Artist's block.

  • Carry a notebook with you: or your phone's notes app to note down ideas as they strike or anything you come across that can serve as inspiration for your art. Whenever the block hits you, just give flip through these notes and something or the other may strike a chord.

  • Use Prompts: undoubtedly, my favorite way to beat the artist's block is using prompts. I love prompts to such an extent that I published my e-book The Book of Infinite Writing Prompts last year. Prompts help to take your mind off the project you feel stuck on and get you in touch with your in artist once again.

  • Create random Art: every piece doesn't have to be a masterpiece. In fact, a masterpiece is born only after creating and discarding a ton of crappy pieces. So, in Amie's words, create shitty art! Just create anything that you feel like creating whether you later share it or not.

If you face Artist's block, you are not alone. But a block is not forever, it will pass and you will create amazing art again.

Till then, create all the random art that your heart desires to create.


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