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Writing Changed My Life. Let’s See How

Writing —The most important work in my life. At least, one of the most important words.

You'd often hear me saying that writing changed my life but what does it mean for me?

I am a poet, blogger, author, editor and content writer. But when I say that writing changed my life, it goes to the time way before I started writing poems regularly and started calling myself a writer.

I have had this blog since 2012 but when I had made it, I had no clue why I was making it or what I'd blog about or even what a blog was.

I was preparing for PMTs at that time and hence, my earliest post here said that the blog would be mostly about studies and my related experiences.

Writing didn't change my life when I made this blog. I didn't understand the nudge of the Universe—The nudge to push me in the direction of writing.

In 2015, I started a gratitude journal. And in 2016, I started a page-a-day journal.

In 2015, I started sharing my random thoughts/quotes on Instagram. How are so these related? These are the reasons my life changed because of writing.


Journaling is putting pen to paper which makes it a form of writing. Journaling changed my life.

I cannot put in words the power of pen gliding on paper.

Gratitude journaling is the first kind of journal that I kept and it was during some though times that I started it.

Initially, I was superstitious that being grateful for all things that I had was taking them away from me instead of giving me more of it.

But, I stuck to it. I kept writing all things I was grateful for in my gratitude journal and didn't give in to superstitions. After a couple of months, the magic began!

It gave me all things I wanted/needed in my life. It filled my life with love and light. It filled my heart with peace, joy and calm. I felt closer to God. I just couldn't stop once I had started gratitude journaling.

I, then, became superstitious of missing out On my gratitude journaling sessions instead.

Now comes page-a-day journaling, about which you can learn more here. One of the prompts in my page-a-day journal was: List 100 things (big or small) you want to do.

I won't shy away from admitting that it wasn't easy to make a list of 100 but I did it anyhow. I am not sure though, it may still have a few spots left.

Anyway, it amazes me each time I look at that list even after 6 years because I see how many things I have ticked off that list including the ones that seemed impossible to own or have or experience.

Sure, some took weeks, some months, and some years to be fulfilled but you must have heard that we only get what we want when we are ready to receive them.


I swear I didn't know about Instapoets or Instapoetry at the time I made an account on Instagram (which you may check out here) and started sharing my pieces of writing there. There was a stupid reason I started posting on Instagram and I think it was, again, the final nudge by the Universe and this time, I accepted it. And without a doubt, a hell lot changed in my life.

From posting short pieces on Instagram to publishing my own poetry book, editing other writers' books, and now freelancing as a content writer and editor, Universe had plans for me that I was unaware of.

Writing has always been there for me. It is my best support system.

I would love to know (in the comments) how writing has impacted your life.


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