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Are God and The Universe One?

Are God and the universe one?

I debated this with myself for a long time. I wondered if God and the universe are one or the same after I read the book The Secret.

I learned about the laws of the universe about eight years ago. I didn't know earlier who was at work when all my wishes got fulfilled.

But then, one of the teachers in The Secret said that the law of attraction works equally for all, just like the law of gravity. No matter who you are or what you do, if you fall off a roof, you will hit the ground.

The Universe fulfills all your wishes and manifests your dominant thoughts and vibrations.

I also believed that the Universe can't be God if it brought to me all things that were on my mind but weren't right for me.

The Universe didn't make God. God made the universe.

What the universe can't do, God can.

And if the law of gravity makes you hit the ground after you fall, God can defy the law and catch you midway in His own ways and save you from the injury.

I hope you are getting my point here.

The laws can't fail but God is surely above all the laws and can alter the results of the laws on you.

I believe in the law of attraction and the universe but I believe and rely so much more on God.

I know that if the universe is about to manifest something in my life that I want but isn't right for me, God will save me from that.

Here's a piece from my book Poetic Letters To God that describes it all:

Dear God,

Thank you for giving me

everything that I ever

wanted needed in my life

and saving me from what

wasn't meant to be mine.

The debate if they are the same came to an end a few days ago when an Instagram post's caption said: Universe is the symphony, God is the composer.

I don't know what else can describe the relationship of God and the Universe better than this one sentence.

Coming back to if God and Universe are one, I believe that God is one with each and every one of His creations.

If you look at the mantra 'Shivoham', it is made from two words: Shiva+Aham. Shiva is for Lord Shiva and Aham is a Sanskrit word that means 'I am'. 

So, Shivoham means 'I am Shiva'. The mantra reminds us of our oneness with our Creator, the ultimate truth.

The Universe and God are one but they are not the same. God created the universe and the universe works according to the laws while God is above all—The Highest Power that there is.

If you don't believe in God and don't go well with the word God, just know Him as your ultimate creator.

The Universe can manifest your not-so-optimistic thoughts even if your soul and intentions are pure but God will never do you wrong in that case.

In my opinion, an honest and pure heart is all that is required to call upon God and He will surely answer your every call.

At least, that's been my experience throughout my life.

And when people say, I suck at lying, I reply that I'd rather be honest and closer to God than lie and give a damn about people who want me to lie.

That's just how I am. God's child.


  1. Last para is top class. Mark my words, this is your best blog post! It shows how much wisdom you've gained all these years. Respect and love (✿ ♡‿♡)

    1. I was skeptical about whether to post it or not. Means so so much to me. Thank you so much 🥰


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