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Review – Neorah’s Accomplish Planner Set

You must have heard of all kinds of planners — yearly planners, weekly planners, daily planners, monthly planners, dated planners, undated planners, desk planners but Neorah has come up with a one of its kind planner and that is a fiscal year planner called Accomplish planner.

I received a planner set from Neorah sometime ago and while this review is in no way sponsored, I could not get the time to review it. I wanted to write a review that it deserves, not just some hurriedly drafted blog post.

Neorah's Accomplish planner set came in a beautiful, classy and luxury black box, the kind that promises that its content would be just as good.

The books contained the following:

  1. Accomplish planner (fiscal year planner)
  2. NOURISH-the wellness journal
  3. Metallic Stickers
  4. Dotted Desk pad

Accomplish planner comes in five colours: Persian red, Classic black, Sacramento green, Walnut Brown, and Midnight blue.

While my first choice is often classic black but I chose midnight blues and I had already had black journals from Menorah.

Let's take a look at what came in the planner box.


Accomplish planner as a face financial year planner, dated from April of the 1 year to March of the next year. The plan that I received is dated from April 2021 to March 20 22.

The Accomplish planner has everything that you can possibly be looking for in a planner. From monthly, weekly and daily logs to a vision board, habit tracker, accomplished, learning, gratitude and growth tracking journal… It's almost an all-in-one planner.

Besides all other useful things, one of the main features of the Accomplish planner is budget planning and tracking which serve the purpose of a financial planner.

You may read more about the plan and specifications here.

I totally love the quality of the planet and the luxurious feel that it gives. A5 size is perfect to carry it along with you whenever you go.

If you choose to buy the planner set, I kid you not, ₹1,999 is a steal! There are so many 'brands' out there providing 'cute' almost useless planners at this cost while Neorah's planner is classy and useful and comes with a whole set of stickers, journal, and desk pad.

Trust me, I am not paid to say this. I mean it. I had a planner from a famous brand last year and I hardly ever used it because all I could use it for was to make to-do list every day and it costs a lot.

I am more of a tracking person than a planner.

2. NOURISH-The Wellness Journal

Do you know people who forget to take care of themselves in the pursuit of their entrepreneurship? Of course, my husband is one such.

I found it so thoughtful that Neorah's fiscal planner set contains a NOURISH journal in which one can track their daily food, carb, protein, fat intake along with the weekly grocery list and an exercise tracker.

I really like their concept and that they included a nourish journal out of all kinds of journals in their planner for the financial year.

Its size is B6 and hence, very easy to carry along. It is softcover, unlike the planner, but again, the quality is unmatchable.

Even just the sight of this journal with NOURISH embossed on the cover is enough to remind us to eat well and move more.

3. Metallic Stickers

Since Neorah has launched the Accomplish planner in five different colours, each planner set comes with a set of five sticker packs in the metallic shades of the same five colours.

You can use these stickers as page tabs, birthdays, anniversaries, meetings and other special commitments' markers.

4. Premium Dotted Deskpad

One of my favourites things in the box is the A5 size premium dotted desk pad. I love its size, the simplicity, the elegance, the everything about Neorah's desk pad.

The whole box is such a beautiful experience itself and this is one of those things which I love so much that I don't use for a long time for the fear of ruining it.

I have also bought Neorah's new classic square-grid journal which is pink in colour and A5 size and it is so so wonderful.

As much as the plan is concerned, though it is from April 2021, I might put it to use in 2022 only. Since it is not dated on every other page like most dated planners, I can easily make corrections in the months and years to use it according to my needs.

Your money can never be wasted when invested in Menorah and Neorah products.

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  1. Copied the code. The review is convincing and I might buy this (you know me 🙈)


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