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Imagine Being A Writer and Textrovert But Not Wanting To Type

I am an introvert but I can converse well on texts so, I prefer to choose the term textrovert, but texting requires typing and I don't really like that. 

Keeping texting aside, I am also a writer and poet and most of my work includes typing. Sure, I love writing with pen on paper but whatever goes on paper (except journalling) also needs to go on the screen. 

Now, it's tough for me to copy the text from the notebook to the screen, I just don't like juggling from one view to the other. I like writing a lot. I used to like typing too but copying something is such a tedious task for me.

For a long time, I used the swipe-keypad to type faster and without tiring my fingertips with incessant tapping on the keypad but that too bored me after a time.

But now, my weakness became my strength and I use the thing to type that made me a textrovert in the first place and that is—my ability to speak.

Seriously, never ever underestimate any of god's blessings, thinking of it as your weakness. It can become your strength any time you want it to be.

So, what is it that I do now to type all of the content that I pen down in my notebooks, including this post itself, to the screen?

I use the dictation feature on my iPhone, iPad and Macbook! The feature that I had once shut off, considering it useless for me, is now the feature I use a damn lot and I am using it right now too.

I speak all of my content to my phone and it types letter by letter, word by word. But not just the text, I also need to speak punctuations like comma, full stop, quotes, question marks and other writing functions like new line, etc into the speaker for Siri to type it for me.

I find it easier still to speak everything rather than typing everything myself.

It also takes a lot lesser time this way because with practice, my dictation skills are improving and I have to make fewer corrections now.

It just made blogging so much easier, interesting and fun for me.

Now I can hate copying the text from my pages to screen and still be a happy textrovert and writer.

If you, too, are a pen-and-paper-first Writer, I hope this post helps you.

Also, iOS 15 has come up with this amazing new feature of Live Text and I will see if dictation is better or Live Texting because I am testing it currently and it's not accurate when it comes to handwriting but it's seriously a massive update! I wanted it for long and I am sure, it will get better with time.



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