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Appreciate What You Have Before It’s Gone

I had written this headline a couple of months back—on July 26th, to be precise—to write a blog post on it someday.

I think now is the right time to write about it. My grandmother-in-law left for the heavenly abode on August 25th and our home is no longer the same.

Our home is mostly quiet now. Too quiet. But she is in a better place now. No more oxygen concentrators and cylinders to bother her. Breathing normal and fine—watching over all of us.

I only got to spend only about five or six months with her (deducting the days I was away from home in our nine months of marriage). But in that short time, we had formed a really close and special bond, including the bond of a storyteller and listener (which I talked about here).

I never took her presence for granted, as opposed to what this post is meant to advise you. I appreciated her and took her lessons and advice seriously because whenever she said something, it was meant for everyone's good. She always spoke from her decades of experience. She was a known builder and had constructed more than 150 houses with her highly skilled team of workers.

Now that she has left this world, I appreciate her presence even more. We can do absolutely nothing after something or someone is gone. We all simply have just now. We can live gratefully in the now or forever chase the idea of being happy in the future.

My grandmother-in-law loved me A LOT, though my whole family of in-laws love me but still, I miss being loved by her. She reminded me of my late grandfather and now, she, too, is gone. Remember, appreciate the presence of your grandparents. They will be gone sooner than you realise.

Sooner than you have had time to realise how much they loved and how much you, too, love them. Mistreating them now will load your heart with guilt forever when you see them lying on their deathbed. We are mortals and they won't stick around you forever. Nothing ever will.

When I had written that headline in my collection of topics to write blog posts on, I had no clue it would turn out to be about my grandparent(-in-laws) but you never win against times and situations.

You never know what the next day would be and how things might turn upside down in the next moment. 

Anyway, I am more appreciative now. I have always been a lot, but even more now. Because gratitude is the best emotion in my opinion and a grateful heart makes life a lot easier. 

I hope it inspires you to appreciate things/people more in your life because remember: 

And as I am planning to finally post it after having drafted it about a month ago, I add here that my maternal uncle, too, passed away yesterday due to a cardiac arrest. We had met only two days ago at a family function and none of us had a clue that the day after the next would bring this news. He was such a happy and loving soul that his demise is truly heartbreaking.

I wonder how people's life turns upside down in a moment. Life often seems weird but it never ever seems fair.



  1. When I started to think everything is fine while I continue to read your blog, shock after shock came. Stay strong. Sending you lots of love to you and your family 💕


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