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Instagram Followers and Algorithm Don't Measure Your Worth As A Human

Are you worried about your decreasing followers' count?

Do you think it's you and not your content that might be the reason for the decline?

Do you even consider that everything about you and your work is alright and it's actually your content?

Do you think your followers love you?

If you relate to these questions, welcome to this space. Let me break your baseless misconceptions.

Whether you have one follower or a thousand or a hundred thousand — your worth as a human is not decided by the numbers!

Since mine is a writing page on Instagram, let's take the writers' example. There are so many Instapoets with multiple thousands of followers but you won't know them even by name and then, there are world-famous, bestselling authors with little social media following but a huge impact as a human.

People don't follow you for you or your advantage. People follow you for themselves. Let me explain. I don't follow all the authors or pages I admire but I follow those whose content I relate with or something I can learn from. I have nothing against the owner of the page, but I want filtered content on my homepage.

Even if your content is great and people love your content, it can be the Instagram algorithm that is causing you to lose more followers than you gain. It just isn't allowing your content to reach the right audience.

Click here to read more about the Instagram algorithm and Instagram itself shedding more light on How Instagram Works.

You see, there is none of your fault. Some things are just not in our hands. Even if you follow all the IG strategy experts and implement the sea of advice they give and exhaust yourself, overwhelmed by the process, the chances are that the Instagram algorithm would still not be your friend.

So, stop letting the numbers, followers count, decreasing reach, decreasing interaction, frustrating engagement groups decide your worth as a human. You are amazing the way you are (and as long as you keep working on yourself). Your content is amazing. Your art is great. You stand tall in God's eyes because nothing else truly matters in life.

The only One who can decide and judge your worth as a human is God and you know what? God loves each one of us — everyone and all.

Take care and don't let social media become an unworthy burden on your mind, heart and soul.


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