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The Best Lesson Learned From Constantly Losing Followers on Instagram

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Last year, I had hit the 90,000 mark on Instagram. Did you just visit my profile to see? If yes, and you saw somewhere around 84,000 (or maybe less), I am not lying about the 90k mark.

It's just that I kept constantly losing followers since Instagram history introduced reels and began competing with TikTok.

Over about the last nine months, I have lost more than 6000 followers on Instagram and it did bother me for a long time until I learned my best lesson and saw it as a blessing in disguise.

And here is the lesson that I learnt from constantly losing followers on Instagram:
"You will be forced to move on when it's the time to do so."

When you have outgrown a phase in your life, you are pushed out of it by all means by the universe.

I used to blog every Saturday last year and began enjoying it a lot more than posting on Instagram. Okay, not a lot but at least, it has ads and the potential to earn me a good revenue (unlike Instagram).

Now, the Instagram algorithm sucks and you just don't know how what will work and what not, except maybe hopping onto every trend you come across. I don't like or enjoy Instagram anymore. I do like making reels of handwritten posts, but it doesn't seem worth the effort now. It was a fun and nice place to be earlier, now, it's just exhausting and sort of overwhelming.

In short, I love blogging a lot more. This doesn't mean I will give up on poetry or Instagram, it's just that I love writing by hand short and long blogs and then sharing them with you all. I hate typing though but recently, I made up my mind to use this feature to get over the procrastination of typing my handwritten content. I'll talk about it in entirely another blog post.

While drafting out blog articles, I often feel that the universe pushed me in this direction. Like increasing followers on Instagram l was once a motivation booster, seeing increasing revenue here does the job now and keeps me inspired to write and post more here.

I also love Medium and the writers on Medium have also inspired me to write more and more articles. I don't write long pieces. Most of my posts are less than or around 500 words because I don't wish to shoo visitors off my blog of boredom.

Maybe it was time to say bye-bye to Instagram addiction and get back to writing some valuable content here. Read it again, please. I am saying goodbye to the addiction to Instagram because I am still going to post and be active on Instagram, just not as much as I used to be.

Instagram has been immensely fruitful to me and I can never hate it (I only hate Facebook).

So, take the nudge whenever required and move in the direction of your calling.


  1. How true these words are... Also it motivates me to keep writing no matter what


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