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Write What You Need to Read

You ask me for one writing advice, it would be this: write what you need to read.

Sure, there are millions and billions of books out there and one or more of them would definitely have something perfect for you to read but, how many books would you read to reach the one you find yourself in?

I love books — both reading and writing them. When it comes to writing, I write something that I wish to read myself. Not something that I want to make others read.

No, it's not selfish. It's, in fact, the best you can do for your readers. You have an audience that loves your genuine and original work because they find it relatable. They find it relatable when you write something from your experiences and observations. There are so many people who look at the world from the same lens as yours but failed to put it in words.

You are blessed with the skills to give your thoughts the shape of a poem, an article or a story and hence, they get to read what they have been through or have seen and realise that they are not alone. It makes them feel that there is someone out there who is with them in this, who has had similar experiences as them.

If you write what everyone else is writing so that your content can go viral, you will miss out on the opportunity to connect with those that really need and will genuinely appreciate your words.

When I say, "write what you wish to read," it means to write your heart out on paper. What your heart feels, the mind thinks is what you should put out in front of your audience.

Have you seen why memes are so famous?

Memes are famous because people find them the most relatable. Memes convert human struggles into something they themselves can laugh about. They add humour to everyday life and because they are so basic, people see themselves in those memes and think, there are people out there who live a life like theirs.

The whole point is about relatable content.

I am not asking you to create memes or write about everyday life. If you write about your experience of being in love, people in love would find it relatable. If you write about heartbreak, the heartbroken would find refuge in your writings. If you write about the lessons you have learnt in life, the seekers of those lessons would find a way to your work.

Write what you wish to read because that's what your heart craves to see written somewhere… somewhere on paper, in books, on screen.

Write so real that people wish they had written it themselves, so real that people think you stepped into their shoes to write it–not by actually doing so, but by writing your own experiences and perception of the world.

Whenever I face writer's block, writing prompts come to my rescue. Hence, I created a book of Infinite Writing Prompts (partly for myself and partly for others). You may get it from the link below:

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