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Write Morning Pages. They Work.

Have you heard of morning pages or free writing or stream of consciousness writing? If no, stay with me, explaining in a bit. If yes, read on to know why and how they work.

What are morning pages?

Morning pages or three pages of longhand, free writing done every single morning right after you wake up (Okay, you can take your cup of coffee with it). It was first introduced by Julia Cameron in her book The Artist's Way which I am currently reading. It's also called free writing or stream of consciousness because you write anything and everything without giving it any second thoughts, without judging yourself, without even re-reading your pages. They are only for your eyes and no one else's.

What to write in the morning pages?

Absolutely anything, no exceptions. Even if you don't have anything on your mind, then write about how blank you feel in the moment. Morning pages can be utter nonsense and yet they somehow make sense. I often end up writing about how good the pen feels on paper. It's almost every day that I appreciate my pen running on the paper. It seems like a stupid thing to write about but here's what it does:-

  1. It reminds me how much joy writing brings me.
  2. It makes me appreciate my writing tools, filling my heart with gratitude.
  3. It makes me be present and enjoy the present moment without bothering about the past or future.

There is magic in these pages. They add depth to the simplest of things.

How do I know they work?

Because I have experienced it. Two years is long enough to judge something. I haven't missed a day of morning pages since July 1, 2019... except for a few months during my wedding phase (but back to everyday writing since three months). Before July 2019, I used to write them on and off but after I sat to write them every day, their magic began to unfold.

How to put in words what they did to me because those changes were so subtle and so miraculous. What I wrote and affirmed in my morning pages soon became my reality. I am living the life I once wrote affirmations for in the morning pages journal. How else can I explain this power?

Morning pages connect us to God (or the Universe). We put out the deepest desires of our heart on paper by the time we reach the third page and God hears them. It can be used as one of the best ways to practice meditation. It's like meditating on paper.

The first page always seems boring and mundane. The second page starts bringing you into the meditative state and the third page is where all the magic happens. You have spoken about being blank, about your worries, about your life and now comes the time to shape your future.

Morning pages aren't just for writers or artists, they are a great tool for any person. Ideas spill on paper as if you are in a trance and someone else is writing through you. Solutions are often found on these pages to the problems that seemed impossible to solve.

But you know where the real miracle happens?

When you let go of all expectations I know that you will receive what you want when the time is right. For example, if you want a specific person but write what kind of relationship you want on pages, you will get the kind of relationship you desire and ask for on pages but it may be with a different person if the Universe finds that person matching with your desires.


Trust the plane.

It's always good.

If you're not starting the practice of morning pages because it seems like a waste of time or too much to do in the morning, you are missing out on the easiest opportunity to change and shape your life.

A few days ago, my friend, Nitya told me how she has manifested the life she is now living (see images below).

Okay, she didn't mention morning pages but writing a journal in any form can be used to create your future life.

If you can't do morning pages in the morning, do 3 pages of free writing at any hour of the day—preferably the same time every day. You know, there is power in repetition.

Hence, I repeat: write morning pages, they work.

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