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7 Reasons Why You Should Use Canva

If you're an online content creator, you must have heard of Canva already but if you haven't, what am I here for?

Canva is one of the best platforms for graphic designing that can be used to create every kind of social media post that you can think of and even PDF documents.

I have been using Canva on and off for many years but I could not be more wrong. It's one app that can do the work of all other social media content creating apps for me.

However, it's not a photo editing app.

I have not only been using Canva a lot recently, but I also made a whole ebook on Canva from cover to cover... and it came out so beautifully that I can't take my eyes off it (not praising self but it deserves some appreciation. Also, I am trying to get over imposter's syndrome).

Let's look at the reasons why Canva is an amazing software and why you should use it too.

1. It's Mostly Free

Sure, Canva has its own pro features But it's mostly free. In its free version, you can get almost everything you need to create your own graphic designs and videos. Its free version has stock photos, stock videos, many templates and even graphics and audios for making slideshows or other videos.

If you are a social media marketer or digital content creator who doesn't want to depend much on a professional graphic designer you can easily use Canva's free version.

2. Easy To Use

Like I said above, if you don't want to depend on a professional graphic designer, Canva is the easiest tool you can use to make professional graphics for your social media and it's not just limited to the photos, you can create presentations, videos, trailers, infographics, posters, banners, worksheets and even a website.

It comes with many templates and you can choose from a wide variety of templates for different kinds of graphics and that, too, for free. Of course, the pro version comes with even more templates but the free version should suffice, I guess.

If you want your content to be unique and rare then you can opt for the pro version of Canva since free templates are overly used by many people.

The templates make it so easy to just personalise the graphics according to your brand or needs and you are ready to go. No prior designing skills are required.

3. Keeps Your Progress and Projects Saved

Canva saves progress and the drafts of all your designs. Even if you have just chosen a template to work on, it will save it for future editing. If you abruptly close your ongoing project while still connected to the internet, you will find your drafts waiting for you to continue editing under 'Your Designs' in Canva. Your every step of editing keeps getting saved on Canva and there is little to no risk of losing your unfinished projects.

4. Stock Media

Canva provides stock images, videos, elements, fonts and even audio. You need not browse all over the internet for copyright-free images, videos, elements or audios, especially when you have little time for designing, because all these are available within the app itself. Sure, you can browse other stock media websites but inbuilt copyright-free graphics just save a lot of time. Also, elements are harder to browse and hence, it's a huge plus point on Canva.

5. Free Templates

There are tons of free templates on Canva under each category of design. You just need to add your own touch and text to them and you are ready to go. Templates make editing and designing a lot easier and it also saves you from facing the intimidation of blank canvas staring right in your face. Canva claims to have over 50,000 free templates.

6. The Copy-Paste Feature

I don't know about others but I exploit copy-paste feature of Canva a damn lot. Be it copy-pasting design and styles from one page to the next, creating similar pages, or copy-pasting images from other websites or desktop to Canva, this feature makes working on the laptop a lot easier.

7. Other Apps and Integration

Okay, to be honest, I have not explored this feature yet. Canva allows you to use apps like Pexels, Pixabay, Embeds, Emojis, QR Code, Google Maps, Giphy, Google Drive, Instagram, Dropbox, YouTube, Flickr, Box, Typeform, Brandfolder, Bitmoji, Hue & Stripe, BrandFetch, Hubspot, Filkers, Pixton.

What you can do with each of these apps or software is mentioned along with them.

These are all available in the free version of Canva and with the pro, some more amazing features come along like making your own brand kit, background remover (to create PNG/vector images), access to even more stock media and templates and much more.

I am totally in love with Canva ever since I started using it for making my blog and Pinterest graphics and now even my e-book of Infinite Writing Prompts which you can check out here.



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