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Factor Notes Journal and Habit Tracker Review

If you are a stationery addict like me and reside in India, I am pretty sure you must have heard of Factor Notes. I first came to know about them from Instagram and loved their collection. Factor Notes is indeed one of the best brands of Indian Journals.

Factor Notes sent me their habit tracker and three A5 journals whose cuteness cannot be contained in words. Factor Notes had sent me two of their B6 journals as well about 3-4 years ago and I love how well they have grown their brand and products.

Read on to know more about these journals and from where you can purchase them.

Let's talk about Habit Tracker first and then we will move on to the journals.

Factor Notes habit tracker is for every person who wants to instil new habits but is too busy to track their progress. It comes with a habit tracker for each month of the year in which you can track up to nine habits every day per month.

The Habit Tracker also has a weekly habit tracker along with monthly goals and accomplishments tracker. What else do you want to track your progress?

It alone can work as a bullet journal for you if you are not a planning person but sure do keep a bullet journal for tracking (like I do).

You can also write gratitude in the habit tracker itself along with accomplishments and rewards that keep you motivated to do better.

Still, got more to write? You can do so in its notes section.

Moving on to the Factor Notes Journals.

The Journals that I received are:

1. The Lavender Wildflower

2. Imagine

3. Teal Unicorn

Of course, the covers of all three journals are too cute to resist. They are really beautiful and fill your heart with a sense of peace and joy.

These journals are softbound (thick cover and an amazing texture) with 100 GSM ivory shade dot-grid paper. I love the covers of their other journals as well because they are undoubtedly as beautiful as these.

Their A5 size is perfect to carry them along and write in. 144 pages are just the right amount–neither too less not too many. The pages are quite smooth to write on.

When I did a pen test on one of these journals, none of my pens bled through and even the ghosting was negligible. I highly recommend you check out more of their journals and now they have even launched planners and hardbound journals too.

Pen Test

I truly love their journals and currently using the Lavender Wildflower one for my morning pages. They are worth adding to your collection.

Check out more of their products below:

Factor Notes Softbound Journals

Factor Notes hardbound Journals

Factor Notes Planner

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