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Last Saturday—And The Reason For Being Inactive

2020 is finally coming to a close and it’s been such a roller coaster year for every person on this planet. A year which saw more ups and downs than any other, at least, in all my years here in this world.

When 2020 began, I had challenged myself to make a post on blog once every week. I chose Saturday to post it. If you read them all, I thank you with all my heart. I did post every Saturday of 2020 till October end no matter what, but after that, I stopped posting. The reason for not continuing to write blogpost is that I got engaged in October and the wedding was fixed in early December, which left me no time to focus on anything other than the wedding preps.

So yes, I got married to an amazing and wonderful person this 7th and have now become a part of such a loving family. I’ll share our story someday... maybe, maybe not? Not sure yet.

Anyway, this is the Last Saturday of 2020 and I thought of sharing this news with you all and end the year with my last blogpost of this year. I have been hardly posting even on my Instagram because life kept me too busy. 

This year, I spent a lot of time writing and preparing blogposts. I miss noting down ideas, I miss handwriting posts, I miss making graphics, and much more. But I could not skip posting today even if it is raw and unedited and short.

Hope you all are doing well and staying safe. Even if 2020 was tough, it’s ending on a beautiful and life-changing note for me.

Wishing you all a blessed and happy 2021.


  1. I miss youuuuu ������ ������ *hugs and kisses*


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