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8 Easy Ways to Stop Social Media From Affecting Your Mental Health

Are you an avid social media user? Do you spend most of your time online? Are you an influencer, dealing with negative comments often? If yes, please read this post.

I should have written this article long back but recently, while restricting an anonymous person who was creating trouble in my comments, the idea to write this struck me.

Why let a stranger with an anonymous profile ruin your day and maybe even your mental health? Not at all worth it, my friend, believe me. They are seeking attention on your posts because they know you will be triggered and react to negative comments whether or not you react to positive ones.

Don't make these triggers and your weak points known to random commenters. Your health matters more than anything else.

There are many ways in which you can reduce your contact with the people who have the potential to mess with your happiness. Let's take a look at them. 

  • Filter Your Following List
As cliché as it sounds, it's the most important step. Unfollow everyone who makes you feel insecure or bad about life. What's on-screen is not always what's off-screen. People play with the camera to make pretty posts, don't let their posts play with your mental health. Just unfollow and keep your following full of people that make you feel good about life and world.

  • Block/Restrict/Ignore/Mute
All the platforms have Block button, you know when to use it. Now, Instagram also has 'restrict' feature wherein you can restrict any person and they won't know they have been restricted, only you and they can see the comments they make on your posts, their messages would be shifted to the message requests again. 

Ignore is also available on Facebook along with Instagram, it again works for sending someone's chat box back to message requests.

Mute is available on most platform for muting message notifications from people but on Instagram, if you cannot block someone (a troubling friend or relative), you can simply go to their profile and mute their post and stories. They would stop appearing on your homepage but can be watched from their profile.

  • Delete Comments That Bother You
Do not argue with random strangers. It's not worth the time. Even if you put your valid points before them, if their ego comes to the surface, they might try to do their best to downgrade you. So, it's the best to silently delete comments that bother you and move on like the comment never happened. 

People often make negative comments to seek a response from you because we're somehow programmed to get triggered and respond more to negativity than to positivity. Re-program yourself.

Instagram has now even given the option of deleting multiple comments in one go. It understands the importance of deleting and ignoring trolls rather than giving them the attention they seek through negative remarks.

  • Put Your Phone Away and Take a Nap
What's more important than sleep? When the social media feels too overwhelming, put your phone aside and take a nap instead. The thing bothering you right now might not even matter by the time you wake up.

  • Be Careful of Which DM/Follower Requests You Accept
When you receive a follower request or a direct message request that starts with Hi or hello with no further message, check the profile of the person. If it's an anonymous or suspicious profile, just do not accept it. If it looks genuine, you may accept but still be careful while accepting.

If someone really has something important to say, they will add their message along with the formal Hi or hello. 

  • Behind The Scenes Are Never Shown Online
You come across more content online than you can imagine, do you think it's all real? Nope. No person is living a life as perfect as it appears in their photographs. Each individual has their own struggles—big or small.

Comparing your life with those photos of a few moments is like judging someone's entire life from their one click.

  • Focus Mainly on Only One Channel (Do not overdo)
If you're a creator, have your audience mainly on One Channel and use the rest of the platforms as back up channels. For example, my main audience is on Instagram and I give all my focus to it even if I share my posts on other social media platforms as well.

Do not overdo and see what works best for you.

  • Consume Content That Raises Your Vibes
This I had learned a few months ago that even the books, shows, music, everything you consume affect your vibes. Choose only the kind of content that raises your vibes and put you in a hopeful, joyful mood. Sad songs often drain our emotions even if we love listening to them.

I hope this post helps you. I shared everything I do to stay away from anxiety and stress. I often escape to social media to avoid the stress in real life and if I make my virtual life a place of stress, then I'd be in trouble. I never allow anyone to judge me, to question what I choose for myself, to tell me why I shouldn't love the things I love. You cannot always shut up people around you, but you can take a break from people that bother you online, especially if they are random strangers.

Take care of yourself. You're too precious.


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