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My Used Journals Collection

Finally! My used journals collection. I didn't want to do it because it was a task to gather all my used journals and click them (hope you find it in your heart to forgive my photography skills ahead). But I did it.

I might not continue Saturday blog posts from next week (but you never know). So, let me show you my piles of used and filled journals today.

This collection includes journals from 2015. That is more than 5 years of regular journaling. I skipped clicking some miscellaneous journals for the sake of laziness. *apologies*

So, let's begin!

  1. Gratitude Journals
You must have seen this pile under my post how gratitude journaling changed my life. I have filled 14 gratitude journals of different sizes but since last year, I am sticking only to A6 size. It's tougher to fill and store huge journals while they last just a little longer than the A6 size.

Filled Gratitude Journals

  1. Page a Day Journals
You may read about page a day journaling here (along with free prompts). For the year 2016 and 2018, I used dated diary to use as page a day journal (I am using a dated diary this year as well). The one below the dated ones is a normal ruled journal and I didn't do daily prompt in 2019, I chose to go for a weekly prompt instead. So, it only has 52 prompts done in it.

Page a day journals

  1. Planners/Trackers
I used Doodle Collection's planner for 2017 and 2018. However, switched to Miniso's planner (the one on top) in 2019 which gave me the confidence to start bullet journaling this year. But for 2021, I am again switching back to Doodle Collection's planner because bullet journaling requires too much dedication.


  1. Future-self Journaling
I love the concept of future-self journaling by The Holistic Psychologist. I first used a super-thin notebook from Miniso and when I loved that form of journaling, I switched to Doodle's spiral notebook. Once I filled the yellow one, I reused its filled pages to turn it into a junk journal, to make backgrounds for my Instagram posts.

Future-self Journals

  1. Commonplace Journals
I didn't know these are called commonplace journals until a few months ago which made me write this post on commonplace journals: what's in my commonplace journal?
These are my 2018 and 2019 commonplace journals and are filled from cover to cover. I fill the last remaining blank page of these journals on the last day of the year and usually ends with a letter to the journal for being my companion throughout the year.
I always use a 5-subject spiral bound notebook for this journal.

Commonplace Journals

  1. Pages of Faith Journals
Pages of faith or letters to God journals from 2018 to May 2020. These are only two despite me writing a letter to God each night before sleeping because I write only a few lines and usually write 2-3 letters on the same page. These journals also have some spiritual quotes that uplift my spirits.

Pages of Faith Journals

  1. Morning Pages
If you've been following me on Instagram, here's a cliché sentence for you: 'I have been writing morning pages every day without fail since July 2019.'
I actually started in September 2018, but it was on and off.
I became regular with the journal on top (in the image) and now I use big spiral bound notebooks for morning pages like the one on the bottom.

Morning Pages Journals

So, that's it. These were my filled journals and the others are just random filled journals that I couldn't keep in any specific category. I used to earlier write poetry in commonplace journals (besides on phone), but now I write poems in a separate poetry journal.

Hope you liked this post though I created it in a hurry and pictures aren't up to the mark. My photography skills never do justice to my beloved stationery. *cries in a corner*

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You may download my free Letters to God workbook from here.


  1. Goodbyes are hard and I feel that with this post! I wish you continue this forever and ever and ever ...


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