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Why You Should Plan Your Content In Advance

Don't laugh at this irony, but I wrote this post because I didn't have my post for today prepared (it was planned) and it happens on most of the Saturdays. As every week, I didn't want to skip posting  today either.

I am writing it in the car as I am going out with my parents and I could not cancel it. The post I had planned to write and post today requires all my focus and a little bit of research, which I rarely do since my posts are usually based on my experiences. Anyway, let's take a look at the advantages of creating content in advance.

  • Circumstances You Can't Avoid: So, the example for the first reason for why you plan and prepare your content in advance has been given above only—Anything can show up at the last moment, and then you'd have to, perhaps, break your regularity or algorithm or whatever it is you're maintaining (like it's posting on blog every Saturday for me).
  • Less Stress: Doing all the planning, prepping, posting in little or no time can be stressful and overwhelming. Having content prepared in instalments or in your free time can help you avoid the last-minute chaos and stress.
  • Internet Glitch: Internet and social media have a habit of throwing tantrums when they are most required. If you have you content prepared well in advance, you can use scheduling app/feature to schedule your posts for any social media platform. Scheduling is especially useful if you either plan a week's worth content in advance or if you have a strict time for posting. You can use Buffer app for scheduling for almost all the major social media platforms. I used to Buffer my Instagram posts in 2018 but since 2019, I have noticed that my reach starts dropping every time I use Buffer for scheduling. Perhaps, Instagram prefers real-time posting.
  • Catching Ideas and Content In Time: If possible, it's better to write a post as soon as an idea comes to you. You might not have the same will and enthusiasm to write on a topic as you have at the moment when the idea strikes you. So many of my topics are lying still in my notebook, waiting for me to write on them. But I feel lazy to write on them now because when the idea had come to me, I was filled with what all can be written on that particular topic. Yes, I am often irresponsible enough to not note down the sub-headings that accompany the topic when it comes to me. We all have flaws 😅
  • Plenty of Time for Editing: This post is not proofread because I wrote it in a hurry and published along with a Pinterest graphic. When you have your content prepared in time, you get enough days or hours to make any changes or make its flow/rhythm well.

Most of my posts are prepared on Friday or Saturday, no matter how much I try to not procrastinate but I keep blog posts pending till I can procrastinate no more. This post is more like a 'note to self' which will remind me to work in time rather than put everything to the deadlines.

Anyway, not preparing in advance gave me a topic to write on today. But it cannot happen each week. Though there's this one advantage of procrastinating till the last moment—your brain works faster to provide you immediate ideas and content.

Do you procrastinate too?

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  1. Haha �� I love the honesty in this blog! You know me well so no need to say what i do ��


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