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The Advice That Made Me Write This Post

It's not an article. Maybe it is.

The thing is, I didn't feel like posting on the blog today. Sometimes, when I feel too stuck in personal life, I feel like giving up on writing as well. Not exactly giving up. I just don't feel like working. This post is too raw, please ignore the writing style.

I had challenged myself to make a blog post every Saturday when the year 2020 began. The eighth month began today, and I haven't skipped a single Saturday till date. I didn't want to skip today, but I didn't feel like writing either. I did make myself sit and write a post. I'll probably post that next Saturday because when I sat to type that, I remembered what my friend once said to me when I was feeling the way I am feeling today—stuck.

My friend had once given me a task to do, which was meant to help me only. When my friend asked me the next day if I had completed it, I said I wasn't feeling like working because I was feeling too negative and too out of place. So, my friend said, "this is an even better time to get engrossed in work. When the reality seems too much to bear, make yourself do more work than you'd do on usual days. This would just distract your mind from whatever is bothering you so much."

The advice did feel right, and I have noticed again and again that work does keep my mind off other things which also keeps anxiety away. I am more anxious on days I am doing nothing because overthinking takes over my mind.

Today, my other friend said when I told them that I didn’t want to post anything for a few days, "Writing is your everything. That's the only thing that gave you hope and good feeling. Leaving this, where else will you look for the same?"

And that again hit me. I could not afford to skip posting today even if that meant posting a long poem, because if I betray my challenge once, I'd not shy away from skipping posting even in coming weeks.

I'm closing this post with this: Get yourself friends like mine and Internet friends are REAL.


  1. Tears of all sorts!! But happy to see this post today 💗💗💗


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