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5 Ways To Improve Your English Without Taking Any Classes or Courses

About 10 years ago, my English wasn't as good as it is today. It was broken and often bad. I didn't pay much heed to what I was writing or speaking in English. But it improved over all these years and I still learn a lot when I am reading, writing, and most importantly when I am editing a book.

When our school teachers used to ask us to read an English newspaper each day, we couldn't care less but as I grew up, I realised the power and benefits of reading. But there are so many other ways in which you can easily get a good grasp over the language in some time. We all know basic English from school, these ways will help you improve your command over the same. So, let's have a look.

  1. Reading

I cannot stress enough about how much reading helps in improving your language. If you're a reader, reading alone is enough to enhance your English. I had trouble reading my first novel because I was not able to understand the dialogues in the book. I read the first page over and over again to understand it. That didn't make me any less. When you are willing to learn, growth is the only open door for you.

The word 'shame' does not and cannot exist on the path of learning.

Read books that might interest you or you can even start with reading blogs of your interest. The resources are endless.

  1. Watch Shows and Movies with English Subtitles

This idea came to me when I was watching the movie Parasite in Hindi with English subtitles. When subtitles are on, I cannot help but stay focused on them even if a Hindi show/movie is running.
You can watch English shows with English subtitles or a show in your first language with English subtitles. It will help you improve your grammar and sentence formation.

  1. Write

No, you don't have to be a creative writer to write. You can simply grab your journal or phone and write your thoughts on it for, at least, 5 minutes daily.

When I had changed and started my new school in seventh grade, our teachers used to say, "try and write or speak in English even if you're not using it correctly," and they did correct us when spoke wrong English, and never made fun of us, which was something I was always afraid of, by the way. My previous school had no interest at all in improving our English writing or speaking skills.

So, don't judge yourself when you write wrong English. Your journal is your space. Your poems, stories, or thoughts in broken English today can turn into masterpieces tomorrow. Try, fail, and try again. You'll learn more from the mistakes you make than from the correct sentences.

  1. Scrabble GO App

I recently downloaded the Scrabble GO app and loving it. It's a word-formation game that you can either play with your friends or random players. What I loved the most about it is that when you long-tap a word, its messing shows up. I learned so many new words in a few days. This game is only for vocabulary building though.

  1. Chat/Text in English

Now, the one way that made me confident about writing English is chatting in English. I have so many internet friends and they all were strangers once upon a time. I talk to strangers in English at first, always. And I have a habit of writing proper English rather than using slangs. My friends do the same. So, as much as you chat in English, you slowly start gaining confidence and learning from how the other people form sentences. It often comes naturally when the other person is talking in English. And yes, pls do nt typ lyk dis. Thx.


As I said in the last line, it often comes naturally when the other person is speaking in English to us. Maybe we know more than we give ourselves credit for just because we lack confidence. I'm not asking you to develop an attitude of over-confidence, but to acknowledge the times when you thought you were wrong but you were actually right. Study what you already know and then keep adding more to it.

In the end, no body's perfect. We make mistakes even in our first language. We can only improve something rather than chasing perfection.

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  1. That chat part is so true 🙈

  2. Most of the people are not good in English so this is the information where they can improve their basic skills. English is that kind of language which used everywhere in your work space, schools, society so you need to strong your skills. Reading is a good strategy where you can practice by daily reading books. You can see also English movies that are good source for learn English. There are so many ways to make English strong. You can also contact with English tutor that will help in English learning.


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